Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thrift Share Monday's opps Tuesday- August 16

Hmmmm....  I'm not too thrilled with this thrift share.  My finds were small, but on the cheap.  Where were the sheets this past week!!!  I want some lovely Vintage sheets....Oh sheet fairy where are you?  I'm over here.

Friday there was a garage sale down the street from my house so I made a quick stop so that I not later than usual to work.  I grab some sparkle-y  fabric scraps, for who knows what, and some Calligraphy pens (for SNG's).  I only grabbed one box of pens and the lettering set, but as I was paying the garage sale hostess (?) grabbed all the other stuff and just gave it to me. All for $3.20.  (I never would have guessed there was an Idiot guide to Calligraphy.)
What I paid for and

What I left with.
Saturday I had a list of what seemed to be some good garage sales, and I think they were, but not much called out to me.  A large heavy metal desk for $10 did try to seduce me and it have me fighting with myself on whether to buy it or not, but I have no place for it....so it will haunt my thoughts on why I didn't buy it for the unforeseeable future....sigh. 

My itty bitty little purchases was this glass canister with lid; it may be great for a terrarium, and two small juice glasses (I do love the diamond pattern) and a small Fire King milk glass bowl. 

Sunday I revisited an estate sales I went on Saturday to see if there was anything good for half price.  I walked out with a super cute gravy boat (can a gravy boat be cute?), and this vintage enamel flower brooch.

There is a hole at the bottom of the boat to get the bottom/lean part of the gravy. 



  1. Great stuff! Looks like yes, a gravy boat can in fact be cute. I want it!

  2. We had that same gravy boat at our local Goodwill for over a week awhile ago. I think they finally threw it out since it never sold. :(

  3. Oh oh oh how I heart that brooch!

  4. Great buys at the yard sale. I like the handle on the lid of the apothecary jar; it seems to have a little more detail than many I've seen.