Thursday, August 25, 2011

PSA - Zipper Feet do NOT have protection.

Do any of you know what I am talking about before I go into detail?

Well.... my sewing machine got me.  Or should I blame it on I should have been sleeping instead of sewing?  Like I tell my kids "if you weren't doing that then that would not have happened!".  This saying usually follows my 3rd, 4th and/or 5th time telling them to stop doing something before one of them gets hurt.

Quilting foot with protection

Zigzag foot with protection
It wasn't too late at night, about 11 p.m. when I ran my finger under my machine needle, but I did tell myself several times prior "I need to go to bed".  So if I had listened to myself then it would not have happen.  We need to listen to our pestering conscience sometimes.  

The zipper foot is not a foot I use too often, and when I do it's for smaller it's slow sewing, and very brief.  However, I'm attempting a pencil skirt and was installing a zipper maybe 2-3 times longer than the 4-7" zippers I have.  The length of the zipper meant a longer distance and a somewhat quicker speed then I usually use and without....I guess looking.... or I just simply was paying attention to the zipper and not my finger then that's when it happened.

The tip side of my finger got clipped by the needle right next to my nail.  It was enough to draw blood; where you hold your finger after the incident and debate if you should look because you don't want to see how bad it is.  "Ah! that's not good."    I think I made it worst, by reflex, because I pulled my finger instead of letting the needle come back up.  So instead of a puncture wound it ended up looking like a really deep cardboard paper cut.   Ouch!!

I haven't paid much attention in the past on how I sew.  Maybe my finger usually glides next to the box of the feet I use.  The feet I use normally have the hole in the center of the foot so the foot is "protected" by a  metal border (see above pics), but the zipper foot is the opposite.  The foot looks like a foot and in the center...leaving the needle out loose looking for trouble.

It's all good now, kinda.  Still sore. 

So this is my Public Service Announcement to you all, if this has not happened to you...yet.

Watch out for your zipper foot they do not have protection.


  1. Ouch! I am lucky to have not done that before, but I will be extra vigilant when using the zipper foot from now on!

  2. eek! glad it wasn't much worse! I am totally accident prone so I will have to remember that when I do my next zipper.

  3. Ouch. I haven't done many zippers, but I will definilty remember that {hopefully}.
    ~ Kimberlee at The Spunky Diva 

  4. Ugh! I think I’ve only used my zipper foot once and I don’t think I ever will again after reading this!

  5. Glad it's ok now. I learnt to use a machine in high school, so running ur finger under the needle not only hurts, but is super embarrassing, delays your project and puts you on the teacher's sh!t list because she has to replace the needle. Plus you're learning technique as much as process. It's a good thing, but I still can't bring myself to sew over pins, leave the thread hanging out untidy before placing my work under the hoot or sew without grasping the thread for the first couple of stitches LOL. I actually flunked textiles, but if you met my scary teacher you would immediately understand :-p

  6. Ah, crafting accidents...these days I'm most likely to stab myself with a tool (not using it it's intended way of course!)or piece of wire.

    I once worked in a small drapery workroom and got my finger squeezed in the bind hemmer. I just yelled ow ow ow until I got everyone's attention and thoroughly embarrassed myself.

    Be safe out there, Susanne.