Monday, August 22, 2011

Thrift Share Monday's - August 22

What a weekend.  With the kids back-to-school today my weekend was sprinkled with back-to-school shopping with a dash of thrifting.  Good thing estate sales started early this weekend.  There were two that started on Thursday that were within my usual driving route, so I got my thrifting on early. 

I was excited to see this estate sale open early, usually they start around 9 or 10, but this one started at 8.  It was a mad dash to do a run through, so I could be to work on time (my usual 8 minutes late).  In my run through I got some great Vaseline glass and a really neat jug.

During lunch I hit up my second estate sale, on Thursday, and got this really cute tea pot ($2).  It will be great to have in the winter when it's hot tea weather.  

I also got this really nice umbrella.  It looks oldish, but the fabric is in fantastic shape and for $3 it was a steal compared to the cheap ($9) umbrellas sold elsewhere.

*Sigh*  Can you tell I'm yearning for some cool weather and rain?  Well at least I can use the umbrella to blot out the sun and create some artificial shade.  It's HOT!  Check out the temps for this week.

Saturday I re-hit the estate sale I went to Thursday morning to see if there was anything I wanted at 50% off.  I only walked away with these super cute fabric napkins, and I was surprised they were still there.  I picked them up on Thursday, but put them down.  Good thing I did because now I got them for half the price. 
My last thrifting stop for the weekend was at my faithful nearby thrift shop (even though it's been holding out on vintage sheets the last two weeks).  I scored a bag of 8 mason jars (I have a project in mind for these) and a bag of 4 soda fountain glasses.

Does anyone else get bothered by this?  Does your thrift shop bag glass items together?  It makes me nervous, especially when it's something I want to buy.

Oh! and the soda fountain glasses still had their original labels, Crate and Barrel, got 4 for $2.99.  Is that a deal or what?


  1. Nice finds! I love that color of depression glass. My SIL gave me a bathroom set for Christmas in that color (18 years ago). It was from her own collection, but I didn't think of it as used or regifting, but sharing of her treasures! That teapot is adorable, looks like my grandma's. I'd be bothered by the bagged glass, bigtime!
    Sorry to hear your weather is still so unbearable. Of course, I keep an eye on the weather in 3 different cities in TX (family). I noticed it was still 89, heat index 84, in Canyon one night last week, while at the same time here (one hour later...time difference) it was 84 with a heat index of 91. Lots of humidity! It seems we are having our late May early June weather right now. It was 60 last night, our high today is supposed to be near 80. August is usually our hottest month, 90 to 100. Of course Thursday it is supposed to be 91 and Sunday we may be dealing with what ever the hurricane wishes to bring! I may just have to pack up and move WV :o)

  2. Have you seen "redneck wine glasses"? I just saw them at a Hallmark store for $16.99. They are a canning jar, maybe a pint size, on a 3 inch glass candle stick. I thought they were funny, but couldn't believe they were in a Hallmark store...or the price.

  3. Great finds! I love that you go thrifting before work! I’ve definitely thought about stopping at a couple garage sales on my way, but I’m usually running late.