Monday, August 8, 2011

Thrift Share Monday's - August 8

Miss my lack of thrifting last week?  My thrift fairy was nowhere in sight last week, or I may have over looked her since I was completely enthralled with this project, testing out a dress pattern.  I did go out to a few garage sales, but pickings were slim.

This weeks pickings were looking pretty sad too, but some vintage sheet action aways makes up for it.  I scored some great ones, and I just LOVE it when I find sheets that I already have and love, but in a different color.

Take these pillows cases for example.  I had a blue sheet in the same pattern, but all I have left of it now is scraps, since I sold most of it on Etsy, and some of it was used to make a buttercup bag and a market bag, both are currently listed in my shop.

This blue sheet pattern I already have in yellow (pillow cases) and pink (sheet).  So I was excited to add a third color to the mix.  The only sad part about these items is that the pattern isn't all over, only on about the top quarter of the sheet and the rest is just a solid color, but as I was moping over that fact I  just realized I could use the solid colors for the back of the vintage sheet quilt I'm currently working on.  I've been wondering what I was going to do on the back of this quilt, and now I know.  It's crazy on how somethings just come together.

These two are new pattens(to me), and colors to my mix of vintage sheet goodness.   I can't express enough on how happy it makes me to find vintage sheets that are completely saturated in color.  Slowly these are taking over my white with minimal patterned vintage sheets stash (YES!!!).

My non sheet scores was this great nesting doll, of seven.

And look at this super fabulous Hazel Atlas apple snack plate set.  I walked away from it, but came back to it thinking it could be a great teacher gift if I could figure out how to cover up the chip on the stem.  Any ideas on how to jazz it up to hide or cover it?

I've been on a Etsy listing hiatus, and I need to get out of this rut and start listing stuff again. Ay!


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