Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thrift Share Monday...Um...Err Tuesday - November 6

 Whoa!  I'm back, after two weeks of being MIA.  Well...with thrifting that is.

I did have this post all typed up for Monday, but I was so busy with other things I never got around to taking pictures of my loot.  I've been hunkered down in my tower/cave (windowless loft) sewing away in preparation for the Blue Genie Art Bazaar that opens at the end of this month, and I've tended not to leave the house to roam aimlessly in hopes to score some vintage.  That changed this weekend though with a charity garage sale, The Settlement Home for Children (click the link to see their Facebook pictures from the sale).

Friday is when this sale started, and I was there ready and waiting in line with a few hundred others.  I was solo this day, my partner in crime (mom) was out and about on her own.  So I had to scour this huge space by myself in search of some great treasures, but I think I was either overwhelmed by it's greatness or coming down with the 24 hour bug my daughter had the day before, because 40 minutes into it I was tired, unfocused and just ready to leave.  Um...the 7 lbs of sheets/fabric handing on my shoulder probably slowed me down a bit too.

So here is what I walked away with on Friday.

This so awesome vintage ice bucket,

Vintage sheets...mostly pillowcases, but definitely some great colors to add more variety to my projects/production, and some random fabric.

I was a bit thrown off with the two pieces of fabric to the right.  One of my favorite vintage sheets are from this print, but in pastel colors.  So when I saw these as non-vintage sheet fabric I thought I was dreaming....or seeing things.  It was just weird...I don't know why but it was. 

And a super cute vintage travel iron.  

Sunday was a whole different story, 50% off day, and I returned with reinforcements, my mom and my two kids.  Of course my kids weren't to happy to find out we were being dragged here, but once we were in my 9 yr old son was in thrifting mode and looking out for things that would interest me.  The other two reinforcements had a head start, since I dropped them off out front so I could park,  and they already had items to show me once they found me inside.  This is what they had.

This super awesome vintage folding table, the legs fold underneath, and then it's all compact like a serving tray.  How cool is that?

Ice bucket,

As I was looking through the glassware this is what my son picked out.

These white glass wine glasses...not sure if they are milk glass....they look a bit different. 

And as I'm typing this I decided to Google them, and  HOLY COW, 2 of these PV France goblets sold on ebay for $50,....and as you can see I have six.  Damn! I think I need to take my son shopping with me more often.  

He also picked out these Krosno glass/mugs from Poland.  Does anyone know what this style of glass is called, or if this is a specialty glass for a particular drink?

These smoky gray glasses,

And he picked out this lone black striped/swirled glass, since he knows I like black.  It'll be a nice juice glass.  I have to say he does know my taste.

I grabbed these pink glasses, 

and itty bitty snifter glasses, because they are the babies to the two over-sized ones I bought a few weeks back

I also got this cute, tall, skinny pine tree that will be perfect to display the Christmas stockings I am making for the Blue Genie Art Bazaar.  Thank you mom for spotting this, and the other great vintage items.

Now back to sewing, and preparing for E.A.S.T(East Austin Studio Tours), where I'll be selling vintage and my handmade goods.

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