Thursday, October 25, 2012

What I've been up to

Ok....I've been meaning to do an actual sewing related post for awhile now.  Hello, my blog name is Sleeping or Sewing, so where has all the sewing gone?

I do sew, I am sewing, I guess I don't want to bore you with the same ole items that I've been sewing.  However, I have a new item I made recently, and I really love how quick it was to make.  I shouldn't be surprised though, I've bought several patterns from this shop/blog before and they are all so easy and fun to make.

Look at this cute little duffel bag.  I love the vintage sheets(pillow case) I used. 

Gingercake is guilty for creating this great duffel bag,  but it doesn't stop there.  I've made their "On-the-go Organizer", and "Owl purse".

The "On-the-go-Organizer" was the very first blog post I ever wrote, and that was a little under two years ago.  Accidentally, I realized the organizer was perfect for my Kindal Fire, so I wanted to make another one and went digging for this pattern, but couldn't find it.  I emailed Gingercake's and she was quick to have it resent to me (Thank you).  I then decided to make some for an upcoming craft show in December.

Whatcha think?

I did have the initial thoughts of using all vintage sheets or all print cotton fabric for the organizers, but as I was testing combinations I wasn't too sure on the pattern-on-pattern look.  It seemed a little too busy, so I went with the Osnaburg cotton as suggested in Gingercake's pattern.  It looks great with regular and vintage sheet fabrics.  Yay!

Yes, I know I still need to sew on the buttons, but that will be left for a tv or movie marathon, where I can sit and hand sew (yak, I don't like hand sewing)

So since the Blue Genie Art Bazaar is in December I have considered to make ornaments, but I haven't been able to think of any quick simple fabric ornaments to make.  Then, duh, it struck me.  How about stockings?  This is still a thought, but I did try one out, and if I do say so myself I think it's pretty cute.

I didn't want a full-size stocking, nor one too tiny.  I think this is a cute size.  It could fit some small  gifts from the bazaar vendors, like lip gloss from Lipglosserie, jewelry from PrettyKiku, coasters from Crab Apple Designs, soap from Feto Soap, or roll up a baby-suit and bib from Baby Bolt.  Just to name a few of the awesome vendors who will be there.  ;-)  (Huge brain fart, since I didn't have any of the above mentioned gifts at hand the only thing I could think of to put sticking out of the stocking, for size reference, was Kool-Aid. I want Kool-Aid. The only reason why I have it was for a play dough project that never hasn't been done yet. )

I am leaning in the direction of making these for the bazaar, it's just I don't want to get too distracted from the others items I need to be making as well.  It's four weeks away, which kinda seems like I have plenty of time, but the days are going by fast.  Yikes!

Ok...I gotta get back to sewing.  (Whip cracking sound in background.  Don't think dirty).

Oh wait, one more thing.  I've been making headbands like CRAZY, and now I'll have them all nicely displayed on some chipboard, and I got a stamp.  Look, I'm all fancy.  Ooooooh!

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  1. My Mom had the very same sheets that you used for your duffel bag! Cute!