Monday, October 8, 2012

Thrift Share Monday - October 8 - Round Top, Tx

Who know where last week went, because it flew by.  I went to my regular thrift store maybe twice, with nothing to show from it.  However, we had plans for the end of the week.  Fridays destination...Round Top, Texas.

It's been a few years since I've been out to Round Top.  Last time I went with my two kids, and dragged them around in a wagon (some areas have gavel).  Those of you who've been there, done that, dragging kids around at a large fair, event, or anything with a lot of walking knows that after a short period you yourself stop having fun quickly.  It gets very tiring.  So I've had no desire to go to Round Top since then.  However, I was able to go on Friday when the kids were in school and arranged for my sister to pick them up after, so me and my mom were kid free.  Yippee!

Round Top and Brenham, Tx (neighboring cities), have an antique weekend two times a year(it's actually a two week event), where there are hundreds and hundreds of vendors set up at the side of the road.    Some vendors have your farm fresh junk, while other will have your upscale antiques, and then you got your shabby chic.  Not to mention everything else in-between, and outside of this realm.

When we were driving there, a little under a 2 hour drive, I told my mom I was going just to go.  I didn't have intentions to shop for my Etsy shop, since I've remembered from the past that there are some vendors that have their items marked for the super fanatic collectors. You know....I don't think some super fanatic collectors would even pay the prices some of these vendors have things priced at.  Yikes!

I forgot to take my camera with me, but I did remember to take a few pictures, with my breaking phone, during our trip.

Welcome to....

So as I mentioned my intentions when I came here weren't for my Etsy shop,  but I couldn't help it, it was hard to pass up a deal.  Our first buy was at a hodge-podge mess of an area.

My initial thoughts here were "HOLY COW! How do these vendors do this?  Bring all this stuff/junk, unload, set-up, and reload.  AND live out here having to watch their stuff that is out in the open 24/7 for two weeks?  Then what happens when it rains and tables upon tables of stuff is not under tents?"  These are hard core pickers/sellers.

I didn't do any big time spending, but here are some of my few little finds.

Some vintage Federal Glass shot glasses.

A vintage poinsettia brooch, and this really neat Art Deco-ish vanity manicure...something.  Maybe a nail, cuticle, tool?

At another area I got these items.

Super cute mushroom spice rack with shakers.
These roly poly glasses with caddy.

And this funky wood buffet server.  The top trays are a little rough, but I can see someone painting this and using it as an awesome jewelry display.

Here are some pictures of what can be seen while strolling the acres at this event.

There were a few areas that had vintage Christmas items, and I couldn't pass up taking a picture of these cute little cardboard houses.

I watch American Pickers often and when I saw gas pumps, all I could think about was Mike and Frank, and how they love to finding these.

Heehee....this made me giggle.

 Bird houses anyone?

How about some medicine? we go.  This is what all those meds are for.

Time to sing "This is Halloween...This is Halloween."

I loved this hotel mail slot desk.

I also loved these old phone booths.  They were a hit too, all of them were sold.

Five hours later, with sore feet we left, and it looks like it was just picking up.  There were sooo many cars driving in.

Tired but not too tired we managed to head out Saturday to an estate sale, already on it's third day leg, so I didn't make out with much to mention except for a few items.

This super old-school tape recorder.  

I still need to find out if it works, but I need to dig a cassette tape out from the garage some where to test it.  Haha....a cassette tape...that sounds so weird. 

Last but not least three cases of vintage Scotch Snuff boxes/jars, 34 jars in all, just shy of three complete cases.   

These were in the garage on a shelf, all enclosed in their cases, I don't know what made me look in the boxes, but once I saw the jars inside I grabbed all three boxes. I'm a sucker for jars and bottles. The bottom of the boxes are marked 1950.  Awesome!

Whew!  That was a long post.  I hope you enjoyed it.  Hopefully you had some luck out thrifting last week.  Any good finds?