Monday, October 15, 2012

Thrift Share Monday - October 15

Let's jump right into my finds.

Got some super bright red vintage suit cases at the thrift store...

and these awesome roly poly glasses with caddy, minus one glass, but whose counting.  At $3 I can wait until that 6th glass magically appears somewhere... someday.

Had a Thursday estate sale that I went back to on Friday, and Saturday.  Here are my finds from this home.

A vintage Versa-Cart.

Now I bought one of these a few weeks back and was really thrilled with that find.  This one is not as cute  looking, since it has that wood-grain look, but with a little paint it will make a very nice display piece...or piece to sell.  We'll see. 

This was an odd find.  A vintage hair dryer.  Still in box, AND the box had never been opened.  It had those heavy duty giant staples sealing it closed.  I did open it (once I bought it, opps) to make sure it worked, and YES it does.  It's sooo cool.  It has cold and hot settings. 

Yikes!  I guess this warning was necessary, but I don't know how it would be effective since this sticker is on the inside of the dome.  Durrr!  And look how it's all cute and compact like a beehive.

Onward!  I got these highball glasses.

I eyed this typewriter table on day one of this estate sale, but it was at a ridiculous price, day two no one bought it yet.  Day three just before they closed I called to see if it was still there.  Yup it was still there, and I got it for the price I wanted.

Does it look familiar?  Yeah, I just bough one of these just last week.  It's weird how that happens, all of a sudden same things just start popping up.  These could be really cute end tables.  I'll be listing them individually on Etsy soon.  Keep your eyes peeled.

At an estate sale, on Saturday, I scored these really cute little stacking stools.

Ok, my mom twisted my arm into buying these by saying that she thought thy would be worth a lot more than what they were priced at.  I hesitated wondering if I would even make my money back, and I didn't have my phone with me to do a quick online research check, but I bought them anyway.  Looks like I could make a good profit on these if they sell like these on Ebay, seen here and here.  I really wish there was a third one.  *sigh*  (Yes mom, this is why I keep you on payroll....minus the pay.)

I really like this wine rack.  It looks like it had been painted and the paint has been naturally worn to show the underlying red paint along the edges..

And I got a printer tray.  I love finding these.

Now on to sewing.  From now through December I'm gonna have to be a sewing "machine".  For the upcoming holiday season I had applied for three holiday events.  One event got canceled, another I was declined, but the third event (the handmade mother load of them) I was accepted.  Huh?! What?!  How the hell did that happen?  Over 300 applications were received and just over 140 artist are accepted.  This was the event I really didn't expect to get in, and I kinda applied just so I wouldn't regret not applying, with no real expectations of getting in.  Well...what do you know I got into Blue Genie.  Now I possibly need to sew hundreds of items (more smalls than large, but yeah probably hundreds).'s a month long event that's open daily.  Holy Cow!  Let's hope I don't procrastinate too much with this. was your last week?

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  1. The glasses with caddy are just great! Thanks for sharing. Greetings from Germany!

  2. Hey! You know I was just wondering where you are from to be able to score all this awesome stuff you're posting here...and it looks like we are neighbors! Well, as far as you can be neighbors in Texas since everything is so far apart! Great blog and I've got a Warrenton/Round Top post on my blog if you want to check it out...Neighbor!

  3. Very cool ottomans! I've never seen those but love the style.

  4. Are you selling the printer tray? If so, could you send me the details? I can be reached at

  5. Great finds!! and the craft fair sounds fantastic! I have a few shows coming up and I'm barely prepared--oy now I'm freaked out.