Monday, July 21, 2014

Thrift Share Monday July 21 2014

Yay! Two Thrift Share Mondays in a row.  :-)

This post almost wasn't going to happen because this weekend was pretty much a bust, not much luck in my weekend outings, but since I have gathered some great things, over the months, that I haven't posted about I decided to share some of those find with you now.

I won't start out with the glamor shots. Lets start off with the good junk.  Really junk.

We were on our way home from lunch yesterday and I saw an estate sale sign.  So to my kids surprise (really?  They should not be surprised if I all of a sudden turn around and go in the opposite direction, into a neighborhood they don't know, and stop in front of an unknown house) I stopped at an estate sale.  We literally got there when they were closing. I walk in and I'm told I got five minutes.  No biggie, I can do a lot of damage in a short period of time, but not much inside that caught my attention aside from an awesome oven that I just had to take a picture of.

Don't you just love the color?  

So I'm done looking around inside and I run back through the garage to ask about some bins that were full of nuts, screws and drill bits.  I was only interested in the bins, but they gave me rock bottom prices with contents included.  It was pretty much give it to me or they are donating it.  So I grabbed them, grease and all and I was out the door.


Who knows what I'm going to do with all these nuts and screws.  Maybe art of some sort?  The beginning of the next Cathedral of Junk (a real place here in Austin). 

So there is my junk, now time for the pretty stuff. 

As I mentioned last weekend Pyrex has been scarce this last year, but back in May I did score a few beautiful pieces.

I love this blue chip and dip set.  Now I need to find the little metal dip holder for this set.

Ha! Wish me luck.  Unless you or someone you know have a spare dip holder thingy just lying around (fingers crossed).

So on to more Pyrex.

These pinks are just delicious.  At this moment in time I don't think I can part with these blues or pinks.  Would you?

Got a fantaistic green enamel pot.

And, I've managed to gather a little collection of brass vanity mirror trays.  Fancy!

I'm really drawn to these vanity mirrors.  They have that lady of the house, Hollywood glam thing going on. Let me just brush my hair as I sit at my vanity, on my fancy chair while I gaze at the mirror while wearing my flowing night gown, with matching flowing bed jacket.  ...Yeah...what a life. 

Alright that's all I got for now.  How was your weekend?

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  1. I love your thrifting posts.

  2. great finds I especially love the mirrors and the pyrex blue set its lovely

  3. Sounds like a fun time, I really hope you find your dip holder one day!

    There's much to be said for being the last shopper at an estate sale ;)

  4. I love the color on the blue Pyrex. Too pretty!

  5. I got the blue chip and dip plus holder for Christmas!! She's a beauty!,

    1. OMG! That is soo awesome! What I've been doing now when I go to estate sales is look through the junk drawers, and piles of miscellaneous kitchen utensils. No one would know what it was if it was by itself. I may get lucky one day. :-)

  6. I have picked up a few of those mirrors as well as some picture frames with the same scroll design. I plan on painting them at some point. The Pyrex is gorgeous and I also need that same bracket for my turquoise Chip & Dip. Wonder what the odds are of me finding two?

    Have a great evening!


  7. awesome junk haul!! I love a good pyrex run but they never happen up here anymore everyone loves it and the prices are sky high-also I have a TON of stuff. I'll keep an eye out for a piece like you need never know when it will show up. But my fave piece is the green enamel pot, I love it!

    1. If you ever find the little Pyrex holder I'm looking for I can trade you with a headband or coin purse from my Etsy shop. Thanks for reading and commenting. :-)