Saturday, December 10, 2011

Owl purse

I recently saw a new favorite saying "If it wasn't for the last minute I'd get nothing done.".  This is sooo true for me.  For one I procrastinate, and two there are times I don't know what I want to do until I have little or no time left to do it.

My daughter was going to her cousins house this weekend for a birthday slumber party, and I waited and waited to buy a present.  My daughter has all these ideas on what to buy, but most of them didn't seem good.  She did mention a toy shop that I hadn't been to before so I stop by it just to check it out.  It's a small local shop, so I purchase a gift certificate so that my niece could pick out what she wants.

But now, this is where the agony lies.  A gift certificate is not much to wrap or unwrap, and might not initially seem like much to a 9 year-old.  So now I start to feel like something else needs to be added to the gift, and I think I got just the thing.
It was last month, I think, when I purchase this Lola the Owl Pillow Pattern by Gingercake.  I've been following her blog now for quite some, and I've been eyeing it.  I finally broke down and purchased it since it now includes instructions on how to make it into a purse.  Granted I've made plenty of purses and know the routine of them, it was just a little extra to have on those days my brain is mush and I go blank. 

The brown fleece is for the lining.
So the night before the sleepover I decide to make this for my niece, and my daughter has opted for the purse.  We start to go through my stash of fabrics, and I ask my daughter what colors to pick...she said blues.  Ha, I don't have too many blue combinations so this is what we come up with.

I might rethink next time combining purple, orange, and black on a project if it's not Halloween related.

Over all, I'm very happy with the pattern, and my first sewing machine appliqué project, but my fabric (color) choices look too much like Halloween.  A lesson learned for next time. 

Thank you, Gingercake for such a cute and super easy pattern. 

Oh check Gingercake out, she had great patterns and a wonderful blog.  I've also worked up one of her On the Go Organizers, which was my first project this year and first blog post.


  1. I don't think it's too Halloween-y, it's cute, she'll love it x

  2. I'm with Lakota, I didn't even notice the Halloween appeal til you mentioned it. Maybe you bought some of those fabrics *for* Halloween & it's making it look like it more?
    Anyway owls are night creatures anyway hehe. I love the white fabric! My niece asked for something very similar.