Friday, December 30, 2011

My Fav Friday - Childhood Flashback; McDonalds Playground


How sad is this?  My son, 8, just brought me up a little Lego character that reminded me of the McDonald's Hamburglar. 

This was our conversation.

Me: Oh how cute it looks like the Hamburgler.
Son: What? What did you just say?  I don't understand what you are saying.
Me: The Hamburgler.  You know from McDonalds?
Son: Huh?  What is that?
Me: One of the McDonalds characters like Mayor Cheeseburger, and Grimace.
Son: Huh?

I proceed to pull up a picture of the Hamburgler on Google, and he's still clueless.  OMG!!!  He's never seen these characters I grew up with.  I use to love to go to McDonalds when I was little and play on the metal playscapes they had.

Do you remember the Mayor Cheeseburger tower?  I loved climbing in this metal wonderland.  There is an opening at the base of the tube with a ladder that leads up to the cheeseburger jail, where you could crawl around in a circle, or you could continue to climb up to the holes in the hat and look out.  Do you recall I said this was metal?  So this was the most fun in the summer when it was super hot, and you got to cook yourself while paying inside.  Ah, what memories.  :-)
Then you have the whiplashing fun of riding a Fry Guy or Filet o'fish. 

Then there were the lovely, burn your butt, and back of thighs, in the heat of a desert summer, slides.

This one (below) holds a close place in my heart, not as much fun as the Mayor Cheeseburger tower, but I'm reminded of it on a daily basis....seriously.  I've been scared.  Literally.  Now I'm not sure if this is the exact model, but it was the same set up; slide and stairs side by side.  I was a kid, and doing things I wasn't suppose to like climbing over and jumping off the back of the playscape, then proceeded to crawl underneath and I hit my head on a metal corner underneath the slide.....and started bleeding.  Nope, no stitches necessary, but I have a lovely little scar, reminder of it on my head a few inches up from my forehead.  Ah the nostalgia of it all.

Do any of you have fond memories of the McDonald's playgrounds from way back when?


  1. Oh, I'm just a weee bit older, lol. But it's nice to read about your memories and the sharing them with your son :o).
    I was raised in the boonies (where did that word come from?) Trees, rocks as big as small houses and grapevines were my play ground. They did get a mcdonalds in my home town when my oldest niece was in high school...she's 42.

  2. I just bought the filet o fish ride at an antique shop today. I'm in heaven. It's in my living room as I type this!!!!!