Saturday, August 20, 2011

A new shop love

Now I know many of you have been on this horse already, but the penny pincher in me couldn't get pass the cost of shipping. 

A pet peeve of mine is the cost of shipping on anything that I order, and with fabric purchases it's a big one.

What am I talking about, or more like whom am I talking about?  Well the wonderfully lovely Fat Quarter Shop.

I first ran into their fabric site November of last year (2011), and to my happiness they are not that far from me, BUT they don't have a store front.  *Sigh*.   As I mentioned above I'm a penny pincher (a selective one) and when I put into consideration the cost to ship fabric...well that's the cost of a half-yard of fabric (in some cases)!  And to ship to my house a few miles away, AY I couldn't bring myself to place any orders.  So my stubborn ways had prevented me from shopping here...  until now.

There are always great raves about the Fat Quarter Shop in Blogland.  They are all over the place with giveaways here and there.  Not to mention their huge selection of such wonderful looking fabrics.  The temptation was just too much, and browsing on-line sometimes is the only time I have to look at gorgeous fabrics, so that's how they got me.  On-line in the wee hours of the night I saw a few fabrics I just wanted (for no particular project, but just to have).  So the following afternoon I decided to place an order, and you know what?  I got my order the next day.  Obviously because they are somewhat down the street, but still how nice is that to get an on-line order within almost 24 hours?

Maybe I should think of the shipping cost like a cost for a personal shopper.  I tell them what I want and they pick it up and get it right to me the next day.

So I am now on the Fat Quarter Shop "horse" that many of you have already been on.  Yay!! I just hope I don't hurt myself by being on this horse with too many purchases.

Hi Fat Quarter Shop!  Thank you for shipping out same day if orders are placed by 3 just like your website says.

I love you!  (now I'm blushing)

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  1. I like your blog. I found you through Vintage Revivals. Have a nice day.☺