Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pleated Tote

Yes!  I didn't let my allergies hold me down today.  I'll admit it was tough, but I made it through the day, and I managed to make a tote (an allergy medicine induced nap was snuck in, but it was much needed).  The tote is super cute; a free pleated tote pattern courtesy of Artsy Crafty Babe, thank you. 

There was some minimal issues I came across, on my end.  The pattern and instructions were simple and easy to follow.  Go figure I finally remember to crisply line up my side seams (the interior from the exterior), but then end up not pleating my pleats enough.  Then there were tension issues.  I'm scared of touching the tension dial.  I feel if I leave it alone all will be ok... but that's not always the case since fabric thickness always varies... or what ever other reasons there are that affect the tension.

Just when I thought I was on the last step of the process, finishing off with a top stitch, the bottom thread got all bunched up in several spots.  Of course this was not noticed until I sewed the whole top. Ugh!! So now I have to proceed with the tedious task of getting the seam rippers out and carefully cut out the top stitch.  Let's try this stitch and ... the bottom tread bunches up again.  Ahhhh!!!  This happens right at the side seams and handles (the thicker parts)... and this happens to me quite often.  UGH!  Again the long process of ripping out the thread.  Deep breath..... lets try this again.  Wait!  Let's pull out my sewing guide, that I received from The Stitch Lab, and look at thread tensions.  My tension could be tweaked a bit...maybe...who knows.... but it's worth a try.  It looks like the bottom thread is loose so I tighten it from a 4 to 5.5, and I also increase my stitch length, since this is more of a decorative stitch then a stability stitch.  Third times a charm right?  Sewing....and sewing....slowly sewing...Yea!  it worked! Yes!!  Now who knows what fixed the issue the tension or the length, but who cares the thread did not bunch up again.  Happy dance!

Now the not close enough pleats are gonna drive me mad, but... I guess that means I'll have to make another one.  Sigh!  If... I... have... too.  Haha maybe I'll be brave and use a fun fabric on the outside next time...or another practical color.  Let's see.      

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