Saturday, January 22, 2011

Foldy coin purse

So there was this coin purse I saw online the other day, mentioned in a blog on Sew, Mama, Sew! It was  made  from a Japanese craft kit.  The second I saw this coin purse I yelled in my head "This is what I've been looking for!!".  Seriously I have spent a lot of time looking for a foldy little coin purse like this, but have not found anything even close to it.  I was about to ask the blogger to mail me a kit (I'd pay her of course), but I didn't want to wait.  Of course I started looking online, again, to see if I could find a pattern similar, but got quickly frustrated.  

What to do now?  I'm make it!  I'll wing it.  So I start folding paper into little boxes.  The top overlaps the the bottom.  The two sides need to match the front.  The first paper box was much too big (unless I was making a coin purse for Plinko chips).  The second paper still a bit too big.  The third one just right, and still big enough to even hold my credit card... perfect!

OK it's perfect but I need to add a seam allowance; a 1/4" should do.  So I proceed in drawing the pattern 1/4" bigger.  Time to cut out two pieces of fabric.  In the blog she did mention a thicker fabric; so I used heavy interfacing for one side (both sides might be a good idea next time).  I sew right sides together with a opening left so that I can turn right side out, press with an iron and sew the opening close. 
Hmmm? Now I have a two sided plus sign.  What am I to do next?  Ok lets just line up the edges together to form the box like I did with the paper and do a really close seam on all edges.  Yea!  It's a box!!

I, as of yet, don't have the little button fastener plier tool thingy. So I'm gonna have to go with another type of button with a loop to hold my purse closed.

Wow!!  This was much easier then I expected.  I'm soo happy that I saw Karen's blog on Sew, Mama, Sew!  Thank you!


  1. This is so cute! I love little foldy coin purses -- I had a round one years ago that I wore right out.

    I love your fabric choices, too! :o)

  2. Very cute! I love coin purses like this. Nice job. Don't you love when something in your head works out in real life? :)

  3. You should totally do a tutorial for this!