Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fingerless Arm Warmers/Gloves

sIt's cold outside...so what does that mean?  It's colder inside.  I'm mostly referring to my office.  In the summer I'm ususally cold when the AC is on.  I'll normally sport a light jacket or hoodie during the summer while at work.  So if it's cold at my office in the summer why would I expect it to be any less cold in the winter?   And unfortunately it's colder.  The seemingly easy solution to turn on the heater is not that easy.  The other office that shares the same heating unit is a smaller office and is not at all cold...so that would mean I would roast them in that office while the heat doesn't do much to mine.  Ugh!

I layer up, but those areas that don't get the t-shirt topped with a long sleeve shirt, covered by a hoodie then my coat get cold.  It's the boney bits that get really cold (ankles, knees, wrist & hands).  So I do what I can to stay warm.  I wear leg warmers under my jeans, and I can only sit on my hands to keep them warm during the day for so long.  Regular gloves sadly are not do-able since I do a lot of typing.  So since I decided to bite the bullet and wear a beanie I decided I'll by pass my thoughts of being a dork by wearing fingerless gloves inside. 

I've occasionally seen the fingerless gloves at stores and they are usually knit gloves, which are cute, but knit anything still lets in a breeze unless there is a lining or it's layered.  So I figured I'd go with fleece like my beanie.

It was a very quick project, under 20 min, and cheaper then buying a pair(a lot cheaper if you think about it. Go to the store for a pair of gloves and who knows what else you end up buying).  Check out your fabric stores remnant bin.  I got about 1/3 yd black fleece for under $2 (which I've used to make my beanie and gloves, with fabric to spare).

I first started out by outlining my hand.  Then I outlined my outline to create a seam allowance and some room to slip the gloves on and off.  Cut out the pattern, then cut out 4 pieces of felt using the pattern.

Once the pair were pinned together it was time to sew, then turn inside-out and that was it. 

So far I have left the edges unfinished.  I know... they aren't the most stylish things in the world, but you know what? my hands were not freezing today.  Granted my fingers were still a bit cold, but the purpose of the gloves were meet.  A small feat was conquered.  Yea!


  1. These are my kind of handmade hand-warmers - I tried to knit a pair last month - ugh I am TERRIBLE at knitting, but I really want some handwarmers - I think I would like to make these, especially out of some gorgeous felt like from Purl Bee maybe? Thanks - I'll be linking in tomorrow's post - if that's okay. If not, let me know.

  2. Link away! They were super easy. Have fun making them.