Saturday, January 22, 2011

Vintage Style Apron - My first attempt at sewing an apron

Woohoo!  Got my large project completed.  Yes large.  I know this might be easy peasy stuff compared to some of the intricately detailed quilts and dresses that are made out there in hand-made land, but for me this was a lot.

I was inspired by a few different blogs when I decided I wanted to make a full apron.  First by A.J.A at "Doing What Comes Naturally in Western N.C." when she said "I want to sew what I want to sew, and I want to sew the pretty." That is so true! I want to make the pretty things I see, but a lot of times when it comes down to it I tend to lean towards the more practical route, because the pretty is not always practical. But for me sewing is a hobby. By definition a hobby is "an activity done regularly in one's leisure time for pleasure". Well hello!! My pleasure is to make the pretty... maybe even the impractical. You know how that song goes "If it makes you happy... it can't be that bad" (Unfortunately that's the only part of that song that makes any sense).  So Thank you A.J.A.  you inspired my want to make the pretty("want" is the key word here... I can't guarantee it will always come out pretty).  

Next I ran into Sew Homegrown's blog where Jessica was giving away a pretty apron, which I commented on in hopes of winning (I didn't win..sniff).  However, when I saw how pretty (is it weird to say kinda sexy in a retro way?  Is it old age talking to say an apron is sexy?  I'm only 33.) the apron was I remembered another site, Sew4Home, where I saw a super cute apron pattern.  At that point I knew what I wanted to do... make a pretty apron.  Then the dilemma.  If it's pretty then I wouldn't want to use it while cooking... ha ha who am I kidding; I don't do that much cooking, and then back to the practicality battle in my head.  If I make it would I use it?  You know what?  I'm always putting down my scissors, 3 of them,  and they end up under fabric and paper and I'm always searching for them.  So I could make an apron to wear while sewing; with pockets to place my scissors.  

I know... I know.  There are craft aprons and utility apron patterns out there, but I loved this pattern.  So I was determined to make it regardless on if I won the apron from Sew Homegrown.  Oh now.... my next dilemma, the apron is reversible.  That pretty much means I need to choose fabric colors and patterns for not one apron, but two.  I already had that really cute sewing notions fabric but now to choose something to go on the other side.  Oh my!  That's a lot to think about.  

While thinking on what type of fabric to buy for my new obsession I get an email.  Oh no!  Prudent Baby's sewing machine contest is revealed.  I need to make pot holders!!  (I've never made a pot holder .... nor an apron).  I bee line to Hobby Lobby and buy supplies for pot holders (I'm determine to make several).  Once home I'm looking at my new pot holder fabric and think "Eureka!"  these fabrics coordinate with my apron fabric, kinda.  I can use these to make my apron.  Yea!!!  Which means I then proceeded to procrastinate on making the pot holders, but there is good reason; the pot holders have to be good enough to win. So I need time to think.... brain storm.       

Wow this chair has some wide hips!
I had a fun time making the apron.  I'll admit it did take me several days to work on it, since I didn't want to rush it.  You know... one day cut stuff out, next pin, sew etc.  The bias tape was the energy vampire of it all.  I used bias tape for the first time last month, December, and for this project I actually made my own with the help of the bias tape tutorial from Prudent Baby.  From what I hear, and seen, it's super easy with the Simplicity Bias Tape Machine, but for me I had issues.  I don't know why but the tape didn't fold very well at the joining strips.  I had to hand correct this with a regular iron in order to use this bias tape.  Believe me I would have thrown it away (more out of frustration) if I had found red bias that matched, but I didn't and I was determine to use red.  So definitely at times like these you have to walk away from your project and focus somewhere else... so that you don't throw it away.  That's when I went on to make the pin cushions.

All in all I'm glad I stuck to my guns and proceeded on making my own red bias for the apron.  The stripes with the red are a little more ice cream parlorish then what I envisioned in my head, but then it reminds me of an ice cream parlor my grandma use to take us to forever ago... so that makes me happy.  Even though it's a little loud and/or busy it was something I've never done before and I completed it... so it's all good.

Happy sigh.


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