Sunday, January 9, 2011


It's gonna be cold this week so I think I'm gonna bite the bullet and wear a beanie.  I am so not a hat person.  Aside from maybe the occasional head band I don't like things on my head.  No baseball caps, sun visors, no cowboy hats..well their has been the occasional witches hat.  You know how the saying goes, "If the shoe fits...".

So I got a new toy back in October and aside from the beanies I haven't done much else with it.  The serger is one of those things I just had to have, but don't know much about it.  I made my daughter two beanies in November so this beanie project is nothing new. This was one of those projects you look at and say "hey I can do that".  So I used a beanie my son has as a template.

The beanie is made up of 7 pieces of fabric (I used fleece), 6 petal shapes and 1 strip for the rim.  I traced the petal shape from my sons beanie and then just created a larger outline around the shape for a seam allowance. Fleece is very streachy; just make sure you cut it on the streachy side (crosswise grain). 

I cut the rim strip about 2" longer then the length of the base of the 6 petals sewn together.  The rim is 6" wide then folded half.  Since the rim is slightly longer just streach the top portion of the hat while pinning the rim in place.  Sew the rim in place and voila you got a beanie.

Yea I'll have a warm head and ears.


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