Saturday, January 15, 2011

Minky Eye Mask

Why did I not know about this stuff before?!  Not eye masks...minky.  Minky is the most super, softest stuff ever! 

For Christmas I made eye masks for my sisters, and since I was using materials I already had I ended up using fleece, which at the time seemed really soft and comfy.

So as I was roaming Hobby Lobby the other day I recognized the fabric from the tutorial I previously used on Prudent Baby (see it here), and oh my god it was the most wonderful feeling fabric I have touched.  Of course that meant I had to buy some. 
How could anyone ever want to go back to regular fleece?  This micro-fiber fleece is going to give me some sweet dreams.  Love it!

The Prudent Baby tutorial is great.  One of the quickest projects to work on.  Perfect for what I do when I'm not sewing.