Monday, May 9, 2011

Thrift Share Monday's - May 9

(Don't forget about May Giveaway Day! )

I've been on a sewing hiatus this last week since I was on a sewing marathon the two weeks prior.  Plus my sewing area has been a disaster zone due to that marathon.  Think of Edward Scissor Hands while he cuts hair and bushes; hair and leaves flying up in the air everywhere.  Well that's what happened in my room while sewing for the Etsy fair.  I had vintage sheet bits and pieces everywhere, with a pile of large portion sheets mountain-ing up.  So I spent a good amount of my weekend rearrange furniture, folding sheets, and attempting to pick-up my room/sewing area, but you know how that's makes a bigger mess.  It's getting there...kind-of....sort-of, but still boarder line hoarder (minus trash and old food like on those shows.)  In the meantime I'm thinking up a tutorial... let see if it works out as I'm envisioning it.  

So my thrifting obsession is not helping with the neatness of my room either.  Thrifted items, with the intent to list on Etsy to resell, are quickly piling up, but that's not stopping me from going out to hunt for vintage treasures.  Seriously, think of all those things out there I would be missing if I decided not to go out thrifting.  The thought of it just hurts my heart.

And on that note here are some of my fantastic finds (it would have been a sham to miss out on some of these items).  Sorry I'm back to taking pictures at night. :-/  I'm also linking up with Apron Thrift Girl's Thrift Share Monday's

First up a pair of vintage nesting Federal Glass mixing bowls.  Look at the design color!  So deep.  They are in near mint condition. 

Got this vintage blue flower Corning Ware coffee percolator.  Very little wear.  It looks like it was never used.  I'm not much of a coffee drinker, but I'm thinking I'm gonna hold on to this for awhile.  If for anything just to admire, and my daughter wants me to keep it.  It is amazing!

Up next a super cute set of Corelle Spring Daisy hooked handle cups with plates.  I love all the little green daisies around the rim.  A few weeks back I found a similar set, of ten, in gold which I'm keeping to myself because I love the little hooked handles so much.  Gorgeous!  (And this Corelle is nearly indestructible, everyone should have a set of these for daily use)
And what are the odds?  I went to a church sales and found a super cute coupon/recipe holder tin.  Then at a separate rummage sale I found another super fantastic coupon/recipe holder.  Look one of them even has the organizing tabs still in it.  What great finds!
Looks like I'm slowly gathering a Spice of Life collection.  A few weeks back I ran across a creamer (actually another maker Gramco), which is currently listed in my Etsy shop.  Then last week I got a really great Le The tea pot. Now this really neat glass canister.  I'm excited to see what I find next from this collection.  Oh the oil & vinegar cruets would be great to find!!!  I don't think I would let those go if I found them though.
Here are some other odds and ends I found.  Gardening books, Home and Garden books, 1978 painted cutting board, canister,  oh hello and of course some vintage sheets.  :-)


  1. Wow you have some great finds there. Love those Corelle Spring Daisy hooked handle cups with plates there really cute. And that little while blue flowered coupon/recipe tin holder really pretty. I would also really like to look inside that patchwork book it looks crazy and fun ;-)) Have a lovely week, dee x

  2. Wow, you found a lot of neat stuff. I especially like the cute canister.

  3. Eep! Those little recipe boxes are just darling. I need one. :) Something new to hunt for at the thrift store!

    {found you on Everything Etsy}