Sunday, May 15, 2011

Small projects completed

Wow!  I feels like it's been forever since I've sewn.  Two weeks to be exact.

Last week I started rearranging my room, which made it more of a disaster than what it was.  What ends up happening is that stuff starts getting pulled out of nook and crannies that may have not been viable, and I don't want to shove stuff least not yet.  

Some areas look decent but my bed and couch are still a mess.  Right now these are the catch all places for stuff until I find permanent homes for them. Like this pile of scrap sheets.  Yikes!! I'm slowly bundling pieces for scrap bundles to list in my Etsy shop, but until then....What a mess!!

So I had to pull myself away, or at least look away, from the chaos that has me stumped.  I needed to feel somewhat productive.  This meant I needed to open up my drafted email of projects; I save links in a drafted email of projects I want to work on, and since I'm attempting to organize I'm in need of some sort of storage.  So I pulled up a tutorial from Whipstich of nested fabric buckets.  I've only managed to make one so far, but that's the biggest hurdle of a new pattern.  Getting through it the first time then it's a walk in the park from there.

I've been at a stand still on my I-spy quilt, but mainly because it's gotten lost underneath the piles of unfolded fabric and vintage sheets.  Now all that's been folded, or rolled and organized.  So these pieces have been resurrected and in a safe place, their fabric bucket, and hopefully a spot to keep me reminded of them so that I can get moving on that quilt.  I have other quilts in mind already, and I'm not gonna get anywhere with them if I don't get this one going.

That's small accomplishment #1.  Next is this board.  Last week I got this cork board at a rummage sale.  My sister had mentioned not that long ago that I should have an idea board to pin up my ideas, like fabric combinations. Which I thought was a great idea.  So the second I saw this board I snatched it up for $1.  The color wasn't my thing but paint is an easy solution.  However, once I got home I realized the cork wasn't my thing either so I figured fabric would be the best.

This seemed like a quick solution, but then I saw that the board was set in-between two frames, it wasn't gonna be an easy remove board from frame and wrap fabric around.  Hmmmm... well I have craft spray adhesive so lets see if that works.  Once I got the frame painted I slightly trimmed a fat quarter a bit larger then the exposed cork and sprayed the adhesive to it, the back of the fabric, then placed it on the cork.  Next tucking in the fabric edges underneath the frame.

Yay!!!  Now I got a pretty idea board.

Now I need a reminder list of projects I want to accomplish like that quilt.  I'm thinking chalkboard fabric somewhere, for that list.  I'll have to see how that pans out.

Hows everybody out there?  Still frazzled by Blogger being down?  I'll admit I was going through withdrawal not being able to read blogs.  LOL!  No seriously....and it really wasn't funny.  :-D

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  1. Blimey you sound busy love the cork board and the bag there fab ;-) I did miss blogger but to be honest i have so much going on at the moment it was kind of a relief when it went down as it was once less thing to worry about so to speak but now i am regretting those words its even harder playing catch up ha ha ha ;-) have a lovely week and good luck with all you have to do, dee x