Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rough start to embroidery

Hmmm.  I started working on my contest entry for Prudent Baby's "Use Your Words" contest, and I'll admit embroidery does look somewhat easier than it actually is, but when you follow an actual stitch it does make things a bit easier.

I don't know what I initially had in mind.  I just started stitching thinking I could stitch side to side like a sewing machine would, but that made a rough looking stitch. Ew!

It's time to open my Home and Garden Embroidery book.  Then I look for what seems to be the most practical stitch for writing. 
The back stitched seemed to be the best option, and it looks sooo much better.  
It's time to undo the first couple of letters and back stitch them, and then see where I go with this entry.  I'll keep you posted.