Monday, May 16, 2011

Thrift Share Monday's - May 16

Whew!  I was starting to feel a bit disappointed when I woke up yesterday morning (Sunday) with the lack of thrifting finds, since Saturday it started off with a list of garage sales and an estate sale with little little found.

The estate sale had the most potential, but with it being the first day there was a lot of high priced, full priced items like this pencil sharpener.  At $7 I was walking away from it, but with my kids at my side they begged for it.  My son was frothing at the mouth for it, and the estate wasn't taking any offers.  So we tested it and it worked very well, and after thinking about it this was a great deal.  For years I've spent who knows how much on a variety of pencil sharpeners, battery powered, hand-held and they all were not worth the plastic they were made with, so it's time to buy a heavy sturdy one.  At the end of the day I was very happy with this purchased.  Oh!  I also got this great, new, old storage (cardboard) box.  Haha.  Look! It looks likes she's folding fabric into it! Check out the old Target price tag too (top right corner).

Saturday night I was bummed that my weekend was unsuccessful, vintage find wise so Sunday I attempted another garage sale, but nothing.  Sigh...

I decided to go back to the estate sale to see what was left, if anything good.  Everything is half-off.  Yay!!  Let's see what I could find.

This Pyrex American Heritage divided casserole dish.  No chips or cracks, with one minor scratch on the other side. 

These Tupperware mugs with lids that double as coasters.  How cool are these!  My kids love them!!  They both claimed what color is theirs.  As you can see I can't part with these. 

These 8 Pyrex milk glass mugs.  OMG!!! How I'm loving milk glass and the paint color is fantastic!!
This pitcher (?), coffee pot? I don't know what it would be considered, but I loved the sleek shape of it.  I looked at it Saturday, but silly me didn't want to pay $1 for it (I don't know what I was thinking), so I paid 50 cents for it the following day.  Yay!

There was this really nice metal tumbler set with pitcher that was originally priced $35. OUCH!  When I went back Sunday it was still there half off, but I still was not gonna pay $17.50 for it.  I offered $10 and was declined.  I left my name and number to have them call me if it doesn't sell.  A few hours later I get the call and score it for $10.  Awesome!!!  Now can anyone tell me anything about this set?  It's by Neocraft Everlast Metal.  I've been able to find other types of metal tumblers but nothing by Neocraft. 

Ooohhh Ahhhhh it's soooo pretty!

Oh and last but not least...

When I went back for the tumbler/pitcher set, my third trip to this estate sale, I ended up seeing this ladder that I hadn't seen in my previous two trips.  OMG!  I want this to display my non-existent quilts.  Half-off $15, $7.50 I offered $5 and got it for $6.  Whew!  Negotiating is not my thing, but it works...sometimes.  I'm soo happy!!! 

So how was your thrifting adventures?


  1. Love your ladder!! very cool stuff.

  2. Keep practicing negotiating. You get better each time. One trick I use is to hold a dollar or a fiver up and say "this is all I have left." Works at least 98% of the time.
    I remember similar aluminum tumblers from the early 70s. Used mainly for koolaid. I have the Tupperware mug set from the early 80s.
    Your storage box matches my tablecloth!

  3. I love your aluminum tumbler! I remember drinking Coolade from them when I was a kid, it tasted so cold.

    I hit an estate sale last Sunday as well and was really surprised to see how much stuff was there. I've been to first days and seen less, can't imagine how much was crammed into that house!