Saturday, February 25, 2012

Left behind

This weekend (or end of week)  I went out of town, to my home town.  I didn't expect to do any thrifting but my mom (who was with me)  knows that's what like to do so we did some thrift shop stops, and found a couple great items, but my thrifted finds will be saved for Thrift Share Monday.

What I want to talk about now, as a sit on the floor at the airport next to an outlet to charge my phone, is an item I'm not too sure about if i should be sad about leaving behind.

Today we made a stop at a row of thrift stores, if that's what you call them (kinda like garage/warehouse /storage units turned into stores).  They had tons of stuff, and unfortunately it didn't seem like I was in the thrifting mood.  I had already bought two good sized items the day before that I had to squeeze in my carry-on bag.  So the thought of having to check in my new finds didn't sit well with me.

So I looked around with just browsing in mind.  Then I saw this way high up on shelves above the doors.  Oh the whole owl craze just made me wonder how well this would sell.

We asked to look at it and it was big, and really heavy.  It's a large hanging lamp.  The inside of the lamp was painted a red-orange so when it was turned on it made a big statement.

They had it priced $95, haha yeah right, but they knocked it down to $30 without us even asking.

My mom tried to convince me to get it, but I eventually decided not to.  Like I said it was big, and really heavy.  Not something I'd want to mess with at the airport.

So did I make the right decision by leaving it behind?  Sigh. ..oh well.

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  1. Eek, he's pretty scary - not quite as sweet as the whole woodland characters obsession which as you say shows no sign of abating. He looks like he's just swooped up from hell with those flames behind him!

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