Monday, February 20, 2012

One down...two to go. Dress a Girl Around the World.

I've committed myself to something (mentally), and I plan to stick to it.

Do you know about Dress a Girl Around the World?  I've followed a blog called Sew Delightful for awhile now.  This blog is about making and sending dresses to little girls in need, all over the world.  When I read these post I always think how amazing it is that there are people so dedicated to make and send dresses to those who are less fortunate.

Last week on another blog (one of my favorites), The Vintage Sheet Blog, Dress a Girl Around the World was being talked about, and it got me thinking.  As I read through these stories about those less fortunate, not jobless (like me), but children without parents, no food, abused, and abandoned, it makes me sad, but at the same time thankful for what I have.

I was let go from my job, of 6 years, about three weeks ago, and although yes that was very upsetting, and not a situation anyone wants to be in, I know I am still very lucky.  I'm lucky because I'm healthy, as well as my children, and family, and I have a wonderful support group whom is also my family.

Pillow cases I've picked out.
So since I'm home with a bit of spare time, between job searches, I've figured I could make lemonade (dresses) with the lemons (no job) I've been given, for  Dress a Girl Around the World.

making single fold bias tape
You know I buy vintage sheet pillowcases occasionally, but tend not to use them (weird).  So I've pulled out three of the thickest, nicest ones I have (I'm not saying the other ones I have are not nice they are just thinner, and a bit transparent if a lining isn't used for the dress.).  I had hopes that I would bang them out quickly, but you know what?  I don't like buying bias tape, therefore I'm having to make my own for each dress.  I do have a bias tape maker, but I fight with it.  :-(  I can get it to do the single fold somewhat ok, but the double fold I'm on my own for that second step. 

Anyways, I am a happy, AND proud maker of my first pillowcase dress.  One that will be shipped out to a little girl in need.  My two others dresses are planned to be done this week, and I'll ship out all three together.



  1. OMG, it came out so cute! I love the bias tape that you made. Thanks so much for making "lemonade" for a girl in need. And, thanks for sharing your creation and for the Vintage Sheet Blog shout out. :)