Sunday, April 22, 2012

Thread bunching issues fixed

Yay!  My sewing/thread bunching issues are fixed.  I don't know what fixed it, but one of the suggestions must have done the trick.  Such a relief.

One thing I've never done on my machine is run something through the tension disk to make sure they are free of debris.  So that's a new trick/tip for me.  Thank you for helping me fix this.

Here is what I did
  • Replaced my needle (even though it was fairly new), and made sure the needle was facing the correct way.
  • Dusted down inside my machine in and around the bobbin case (which I do do on a regular basis)
  • Ran a paper towel between my tension disk (I think), once I googled where my tension disk might be :-o, and went ahead and a ran a dollar bill between them too (maybe my machine feels it needs to be compensated for all its hard work)
  • Checked to see if my thread tension was working correctly.  At first I thought it wasn't since the tension didn't seem to change as I changed the dial.  Then I put my presser foot down, doh, and yes it works.  :-)  *Remember to put the dial back to your usual tension, otherwise you'll have thread tension issues. 
  • Then said some nice loving words to my machine, and pleaded for it to work (opposed to the few choice non-loving words I was saying the day before).
Like I said I don't know what fixed it, but I'm soooo happy it's not bunching up.  Sigh of relief.

So with my machine running smoothly I was able to finish up some Lulu Pouches for Etsy/Violet Crown Festival and some bunting.

Lulu Pouches ready to list
Groovy spring 5 flag bunting

Lovely red with white flowers 5 flag bunting.

Spring 4 flag bunting

Spring 8 flag bunting
Got a lot more to work on.  I need... well want a good amount of items for my booth.  The count down has now started for my first ALL handmade market (It'll be like walking/balancing on a tight-rope without  a net (my vintage items to sell)).  The Violet Crown Festival is now just under two short weeks away, on May 5th. I got to get off my computer and back to my machine.


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