Monday, March 26, 2012

Thrift Share Monday - March 26

Boring estate sales this weekend, and really blah garage sales, but I have some small finds from the thrift stores. 

The Goodwill surprised me this week (and it very RARELY does).  I almost passed this (well I did several times) since it was on a top shelf (I'm bad with not looking up).  What a super cute Anchor Hocking retro pitcher.  Love it!

Since I'm mentioning Goodwill let me ask you all a question.  Have you noticed that Goodwill is trashier than most other thrift stores? (At least around here it is)  I usually steer clear of here, for one prices are usually higher than the other thrift stores I shop, I never find vintage sheets here (or the one time I did it was $9 for the sheet compared to the $3-$4 I usually spend), and their shelves are absolute disaster zones.  Stuff is literally just thrown onto the shelves, so messy, cluttered, and just unappealing to look at.

Ok, onto the next items.  These were happy finds, since  I scored them at a shop I've been too only once before (it's a very small thrift store, at a weird traffic spot, but I think I'll need to make the effort to go more often).  I got this great Square Flower Pyrex divided casserole, 

and this glass.  What? A single glass was a find?  Yup!  Especially when you have three already like it, two small and one large.  Now I have two large to complete the set.  Happy dance!

The fourth....

to add to my trio.  :-)

At one of my favorite thrift stores, I scored this super cute, tiny, mid-century, Lane Furniture, side table for $8, but since I was spending a total of $15 (including vintage sheets) I was able to use a $5 off coupon.  Therefore this table was $3.  Wooot!

Got this Fire King McDonald's, milk glass mug.   I looked this up on Ebay and saw a fluctuation in prices based on how many mugs were being sold.  One mug goes anywhere from $1-$6, but if you have multiple mugs the prices go up.  One listing had 6 mugs and sold for almost $70.  I'll hold onto this and see if I bump into any more.  In the meantime it will be a nice mug to have around, McDonald's is very nostalgic for me. 

Now my vintage sheet finds.  I've tried not to buy sheets with white being the primary color, but these were all great so I couldn't pass them up. 

 Some pillow cases

And then these.  These were found at separate thrift stores.  I especially love the daisies with the pink center.  I think it would make a great spring dress.  Now only if I could make dresses.  :-/ 

I'm looking forward to the end of this week.  Got a church around the block from me that will be having a 48 hour garage sale.  Yeah, that's right for 48 hours they'll have their parking lot all decked out garage sale style while they camp out and sell.


  1. Good finds! The Goodwills near me are pretty nice, but they are definitely the most expensive. I really only shop there on half-off days now because that's the only way their stuff seems like a deal!

    Oh, and I'm really bad about looking up on the top shelves too!

  2. Nice finds especially that table. 48 hour garage sale- dreamy!! Have fun.

  3. You made some great buys! I agree with you on Goodwill's prices. Ours around here are expensive. However, there's one that's about an hour and 30 minutes away from us that's super cheap but with gas prices as high as they are it's not worth making the trip.

  4. Great finds. I really love the drinking glasses.

  5. Sure wish I'd find a juice pitcher like that one! I have a few Pyrex ones but that one is completely different.

  6. Goodwill has been closing old stores and opening sparkling clean and well organized stores in Columbus Ohio. The new, clean, organized stores do seem to come with a boost in price and an odd drop in quality "cool" stuff, though.

  7. Fun finds! That side table is just awesome - great deal at $8 and just ridiculous for $3! I love that pitcher, too.
    The closest Goodwill store to us is pretty far away and, like you, we rarely find anything good there, so we hardly ever go. They're generally really picked over and just not that nice. We find much better stuff elsewhere!

  8. Good work - so satisfying when you complete a set of something when you're not expecting to. Never seen a McDonalds mug before.

  9. Yeah, I've also noticed that kind of fluctuation in pricing with the milk glass.