Sunday, March 11, 2012

Looking for a Niche

I'm all over the place with my ideas, and wants.  Sometimes you hear that you need to focus on one thing and just go with it, but according to a fabulous blog and book I'm gonna do what I want.  At least for now.

The blog/book I'm referencing is Austin Kleon, and his brand spanking new book is "How to Steal Like an Artist".  I absolutely love it.  It is based on a blog post of his, which has now blossomed into a book.  In his book, at one point, he mentions what happens when you focus on one thing, leaving other things behind.  When you do this you end up feeling an ache, because you miss/long to do the other things you want, that you have pushed aside.  Therefore, in the long run you're not happy doing the one thing your doing.  (He refers more to things you love, but I'm gonna translate this to things I want to try.)

I'm not doing anything drastic I'm just saying I want to do a variety of handmade items.  At first I wanted to focus on purses, but as of now those are just sitting there, and at this point in time they haven't done much for me.  Don't get me wrong, I'm happy with my bags that I've made, they just haven't satisfied that feeling... yet.  I think making my own pattern, might help, but that's down the line. 

Recently I got an itch and made some aprons.  Now I'm gonna do a few key fobs.  I placed an order for a few supplies on Wednesday and got them Saturday.  So super fast.  Thank you A Graff Supplies.

I'm really happy with my color choices.  The webbing colors I chose are with the intent to be accented with vintage sheets, of course, plus I got some hardware to match some black webbing I've been hoarding. 

Next, out of the blue, while roaming Etsy I saw some super cute baby fabric shoes, and figured they'd look super cute, also in vintage sheets.  Plus they'd be fantastic scrap busters.  So I bought the pattern.  Thank you LenasShoePatterns for the super fast email PDF delivery.   I can't wait to make these.  I don't have any baby tryer-oners in my circle, and I don't plan on making any more babies.  So if you have some little one's who could sport some cute fabric shoes I'd love to have them test some.  So keep an eye out for when I'll need some testers.

These are smalls addition to my large array of things I want to make, baby steps.  Will these sell or just sit here?  I'll never know until I try.  Bottom line, you'll never know until you try, and you'll ALWAYS wonder.  I'll do these, then go onto the next thing.  Then back and forth, or just forward. 

Maybe along this array of things I'll find my niche.  Have you found your niche? 

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  1. I was talking to my counsellor who replied (when I said "yeah but every man and his dog is making those and selling them at markets") with "well they didn't sit there and say 'someone else is doing it' did they?" which in a backwards way inspired me to sell my creations.
    I am going to start this week. I have tried Etsy but I have 3 other avenues I want to try instead on this second go. My problem is I normally only sew things once then I'll make something completely different.
    My Niche is that: if it's not practical, I wont make it. Sure it's frilly, but it has a pocket on the inside... get my drift?! Til next time ;)