Monday, March 5, 2012

Thrift Share Monday - March 5

Thrifting this week did not produce any hard goods, however I do have some sheets to share.
First though I would like to share with you a fantastic find that my sister scored.

It's fan-freaken-tastic, isn't it?  It was kicked to the curb two houses down from where she lives, so she snatched it right up.  What ever!!!  Why don't I find great things like this on the curb?  Needless to say she is excited about it.  My first question to her was "is it stinky?", she said no, and she plans to have it recovered and placed in her bedroom.  (Got a curb-side pick-up question for you at the bottom of this post.)

Here are my vintage sheet scores, which I've acquired over the last two weeks (Don't forget you can buy fat quarters from my Etsy shop). 

The sheet I wanted a match for.
I think I need to "will" certain colors more often, because I've been thinking that I needed to find a sheet to match another sheet I recently scored.  It was a very bright and cheerful sheet (see to the right), but most of the sheets in my stash don't coordinate (since I like to use multiple, coordinating sheets in my projects).  Then low and behold I found a sheet that would be perfect.
My match for the above sheet to the right.  :-)
Also, as I was looking through my stash I realized that purple was missing from my rainbow.  Sheesh, how has that happened?  I needed purple in my collection.  Then I found this.

Granted it's not full purple (I know it's more towards lavender), but it has great colors and more purple then in all my other sheets combined (seriously, there might be a smidgen of purple in one sheet in my whole collection of 60+ sheets).  I was sooo happy to find this sheet, such vintage loveliness.  

I love this red and white sheet.

And this flower's great.  I have another one like this, but it was so worn loved by it's previous owner that its colors weren't as popping as this one.  However, I do love the "loved" one since it's sooo flow-y and soft.  I'll just hold onto what is remaining of it for my own personal use, and have this new (to me) one up for purchase in my Etsy shop (as seen in my Flickr page).
This isn't vintage, but I figured this would be a good addition to my collection.  Plus it would make a cute apron, very farm-ish.   Now, what is the ideal name for this pattern?  Gingham or checkered?
A great pair of stripped pillow cases.

 A duplicate addition to my stash.  I couldn't just leave it at the thrift store.

And a great Spring sheet.

So now, my question to you is... how many of you have done curb side pick-up when a item has be kicked to it like my sister's find?  Anything unusual, and how hard was it to get it into you car?  My mom did this once when she saw a table at the curb, across the street from her.  It was sturdy and a great looking table, it just needed a little TLC.  So what did she do?  Dragged it across the street, by herself, and into her garage.  I just picture her like an ant dragging a large item to a new location.   She restored the table, stripped, sanded, and restained it.  My other sister ended up using it for a bit, and now my ex-husband has it.  Wow!  What an ongoing life for that table when it was destined for the landfill. 


  1. I did something just like your mom--I dragged home a bookshelf from about 4 houses down, by myself, in the snow! (it was not, however, uphill both ways ;) Actually, the light coating of snow helped me slide the bookshelf along the sidewalk because it was too heavy to carry by myself the whole way!

    I also snagged a dresser out of somebody's garbage pile once. I did go knock on the house to ask if I could take it, but nobody answered so I helped myself! I drive an SUV and luckily the back was empty that day, so I just opened it up and the dresser was small enough to lift it by myself and slide it in. I painted and added new knobs and it looks great!

  2. Nice post. It's amazing what people throw away. It's a great feeling to know something has been re-purposed and saved from a landfill. I have not been so lucky yet but my sis has a coworker who actually put out a pottery barn changing table curbside! My uncle picks up discarded bikes, fixes and sells them. I'm keepin my eye out one day I'll score a curbside treasure :)

  3. I don't know if I could drag anything that heavy, but I did take home a Starbucks tumbler that was part of a mug set left outside the gate. I haven't seen anything yet that would compel me to flex my muscles. Haha. That chair might be something I'd actually take home, too! Nice find!

  4. There is currently an old Victrola cabinet (sans Victrola) in our garage that my husband and I picked up from the curb. Not sure yet what we'll do with it, but it's lovely!

  5. When I first bought my house, I furnished it by way of hand-me-downs, thrifted items and what I lovingly call "big trash day". I am in fact sitting next to one of my very first curbside finds right now - an old wrought iron floor lamp stand that I scrounged and rigged up with a new light kit and shade (which has since been replaced with a teardrop lantern-shade).

  6. Our town has a spring and fall clean-up and the best part of it is that it is okay to go through their trash and take what you want just don't make a mess. We have so much fun. I have a beautiful birdbath, a brand new weber grill, bookshelves, antiques, crocks, pendulum clocks, everything under the sun. and still love going .