Sunday, March 4, 2012

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's....the waist down?

Today was Austin's annual Kite Festival.  It was a perfect day.  Mid 70's, blue skies, and what every kite needs...wind.

The whole family goes down, my sisters, their husbands, our kids, and our mom.  It was so nice today.  A great day to fly a kite.

The best, most unusual one seen here was a from-the-waist-down kite.  Doesn't sound like it makes sense right?  I don't know what else to call it.  I was gonna say the lower torso, but the legs are there.  Half a body kite?  Guess that works too.  (Last years most unusual kite was a horse, of course.)

 This kite danced in the wind.  Literally.  It did a little Jig.  Or was it pouting and kicking it's legs because it was missing it's upper half.  Probably not.  If it only had a brain it might have.  Ha!  Sorry, corny I know, but I couldn't help myself.

My kids had a variety of kits to fly.  My personal fav, my black, red and white star kite.

A jet kite.

This fish kite, is a whopping 4 inches wide.  A fun little itty bitty kite to fly.  

This ship kite is not ours, but I do love how these sail in the wind.  I need to keep an eye out for one for myself.

 This rainbow checkered kite was huge, also not ours.  It had to have been 15 feet wide.  It was a monster of a kite. The little kit in the same picture was flying about the same hight, and was probably standard sized.  Look how small it looks compared to the checkered kite.

Now, what are you doing sitting there reading this?  Go fly a kite!


  1. Awesome kites, thanks for sharing! We used to have a great kite shop down on the water but they closed down years and years ago. None of them were this cool though!

    My Mum had this gorgeous thrift store find and I need your help to find out what it is. (Totally thought of you when she said she couldn't resist it from an op shop).
    Would you have a look at the pics and see if you know anyone that can help?
    Thanks in advance, Cassandra

  2. I love this post! I love flying kites, and have noone to fly them with :c( i also like your humor, corny or not. My dad was the king of punny remarks, playing with words as I call it. Moms says I took over since he died.