Monday, May 7, 2012

Thrift Share Monday - May 7

Wow! May has brought in the heat.  Actually April was marked as the 6th warmest April for Austin, since 1854, geeze, and May cranked the heat up and brought in some humidity.  Our summer is gonna suck. 

My thrifting was to a minimum last week since I was prepping for The Violet Crown Festival.  I didn't do tremendously well at the festival, but I did triple my $45 that's much better than nothing.  Right?  I'm somewhat happy with that, tired...but content. 

As for would I do it probably not.  It was hot, 90's with some mild humidity, and not a ton of traffic. The good thing was that there was a breeze.  The bad thing...I was foolish and didn't put on sunblock (that I brought), and I got burned.  My shoulders are sporting the lobster look.  No bueno.  :-(

One of the volunteers at the festival, a local photographer, Jennifer Ramos, took this great picture of my purses.  Thank you Jennifer.

Well, onto my very sparse thrift finds.

I actually got this chair the weekend before at a garage sale,but it remained in my car for the week.  Too lazy to take it out.  I got it for $2.  A little refinishing of it and new fabric for the seat and it will look fantastic. 

A marble top nightstand with inlay on the front door, $10, from my favorite thrift store.  I asked my sister for her estimated appraised value, since she use to own an antique shop, and she said retail $150-$300.  WT!!!!  Holy cow, I was thinking maybe $60-$80...but then I'm not an antique retail store so I'm not sure how I'll go about selling this.  What would be the best venue, Craigslist?

My other find, this cute Tang pitcher.  I'm loving these old pitchers that I've been finding lately.  Now if I could only get off my booty and start listing my vintage stuff on Etsy.  I can't make money if I'm not listing...duh.  But I'll wait until after this weekend.  Got the Austin Flea I'll be selling my vintage items at.  Hopefully, it'll be a good turn out.  :-)

How was your week of thrifting?  Go ahead and add a link to your thrift post with your comment. 

On another note my Bleeding Heart is blooming.  It's a different variety than the actual heart looking one, but it's still gorgeous. 


  1. I love the colors in those bags! Are they all vintage sheets?

  2. Great angle on the picture of your beautiful bags! Good deal on your chair and nightstand. Your chair is a lot more curvy than mine, sexy even. I like the gold velvet, too bad it's not in great shape.

    I'll have to try some of your tips for the sewing machine. My tension is fine but the thread keeps getting stuck in there for some reason and braking. So annoying to keep re-threading!

    Good luck on your upcoming shows!