Monday, May 14, 2012

Thrift Share Monday-May 14

My thrift week started early, and good thing it did since I was occupied yet another Saturday (when garage sales are happening), but this time it was for the good.  Saturday, I attended, for the second time, the Austin Flea.  A great Austin event that gathers local vendors/crafters/thrifters in a really cool venue, The Highball.  I had my vintage goods up for grabs and  I sold a good amount of stuff, including a few of my handmade items.

So what did I find this week?

These fantastic Anchorglass Primrose snack plates.

A Square flower Pyrex casserole dish.

Sheffield Granada salt, pepper & gravy boat.

Two Fire King avocado green cereal bowls.

Do you ever have those somewhat practical needs and just say "Oh I need [this]." when your out thrifting and then there it is?  Well, I needed a small dolly/cart to help with the transport of my plastic bins containing my vintage items, for when I do an event.  Bins full of glass are heavy.  So I was doing my regular circle at my favorite thrift store, start off in glass then around the back to the other side to linens...."oh I need a dolly" I back up to the random item section...and you know what there it was, a collapsible dolly.  Now how random is that?  It was $8, an easy price to pay for the ease of lugging heavy bins around.  Awesome!  :-)

My finds just seemed to get better at the thrift stores...who needs garage sales.  Check out these super cute vintage suitcase(s).  There were two, but I sold  the smaller one this weekend, before I thought about taking their picture.

Then check out these super fab Beautyware canisters, in all their vintage, retro glory.

Now, I might have an addiction that I can't control, and it's to Butterfly Gold.  Two weeks ago I showed you I scored a plate/cup set, and some casserole dishes, and about two months ago I scored 5 mixing/serving bowls....and last year I had already  thrifted 8 hook cups with saucers and a creamer.  So why in the world do I need 17 more cups, a creamer, and a sugar bowl?

Well to answer that is because 9 of these cups are Pyrex. How can you leave a set of 9 matching Pyrex cups on the shelf?  Plus the Corelle hook cup saucers were bagged with the the Pyrex mugs (how silly), and the hook cup bagged set had a sugar bowl that I didn't already have.  So, my justification was that I couldn't buy the Pyrex bagged with the Corelle saucers and leave the Corelle hook cups, because of course that would mean I now have the saucers that don't belong to the Pyrex mugs.  Plus I needed the creamer in the hook cup set to complete the set I already had.  Right?  Yes, just agree with me.   Right?  :-)

So what I'll do is take the sugar bowl from the hook cup set to complete my set of 8+creamer.  Then I'll eventually list the hook cup set on Etsy.  As for the I'm not sure on that.  What kind of addicted soul am I? One day when I have a place of my own I'll be pulling out my Butterfly Gold cups, and I'll have 3 different styles with matching print.  Who needs 29 coffee/tea cups?  The really messed up part is that I rarely drink coffee or tea, AND  I don't even know 29 people.  Just lock me up now before you find me on Hoarders.  I don't want to find skeletal remains of a pet I don't remember having underneath a pile of Pyrex/Corelle.  :-)
Corelle, Pyrex, Corelle

Hoarding Butterfly Gold cups.

Ok...enough of that, onto the remainder of my finds.

This super cute vintage weenie dog planter.

And some really cute glass salt and pepper shakers.  The square pair have a small flower mark on the bottom, does anyone know anything about the maker?

Well, that was my week minus weekend of thrifting.  How did your thrifting go?  Leave a link to your thrifting finds with your comment. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

PS I think I'll be getting some upcycled sewing done this week.  So keep an eye out to see what I make or screw up.  

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  1. Whoa! You KILLED it out there! Great finds- love the square flower Pyrex especially.