Thursday, May 31, 2012

Something different - A Wine Bottle Bag

How left field is this, a wine bottle bag?  At least for me anyway.  Why?  I'm not a "big" alcohol makes me soooo sleepy, and if you haven't caught the name of my blog sleeping doesn't need to be induced (now if it could keep me asleep that would be a different story.) So making a wine bottle bag is something not necessarily on my to do list, BUT since I've never made one that is the reason why I did.  Does that make sense?

Art Gallery Fabric has a sewing challenge each month, and as you might have guessed the challenge this month is a wine bottle bag. So on the very last day to enter I've managed to get an entry completed for it. Wow!  I've wanted to do some of the recent challenges, but who knows where my time goes. 

Their rules are usually pretty simple and leaves most of the creativity up to you, however the challenges do call for you to use only Art Gallery Fabrics, and I did so happen to have some (courtesy of Art Gallery Fabrics, thank you). 

A few months back Art Gallery Fabric's did a shout out on their Facebook page to de-stash their stash of scraps.  I hollered back with my contact info and a few days later I got a pretty fat envelope with lovely, fresh colored fabrics.  I was really please with this little bundle, because it's so not in the direction I usually go with fabrics.  So it's very nice to have something different from the norm.

For this challenge I used 5 different fabrics, and decided to incorporate my Acuquilt Go Baby! 2 1/2" strip die.  I cut out several different fabric strips, folded them length wise, and layered them slightly overlapping one another. 

I probably could of...should of gathered them a bit for a ruffle effect, however I have to say I am very pleased on how this turned out, and even more pleased that I got around to do something for a challenge...even if it was last minute. 

So whatcha think?


  1. That's really nice! I think the lining colour you've chosen is undeniably perfect! It makes the whole thing look better. Beautiful fabrics, glad you branched out. Well done!!

  2. Hi, I just awarded you the LIEBSTER AWARD for new-is bloggers. Check out my blog and please accept!!

  3. Pretty fabrics, and such a cute little bag! xo Holly

  4. I adore all of your thrifty finds. Just discovered your blog through Liz Taylor Handmade. I decided to join your blog. Come over for a visit and maybe you will want to join mine. thanks