Monday, June 18, 2012

Thrift Share Monday- June 18

Where has this month gone?  I wrote this post two weeks ago (a majority of it), and never got around to taking pictures of my finds, then I had intentions of having it ready for the following week but that didn't happen either.  So third times a charm. 

This post compiles mostly of finds from two weeks ago, with a few (very few finds) when I was on vacation, along with this weekends finds (which happen to be my favorite finds).

Let me start off with what I didn't/couldn't buy, that hurts my heart.  While out of town, on vacation, I stopped at a few thrift stores, with not much luck.  At one of these shops I thought I scored big time.  In the storefront window were two fantastic items....that ended up not being for sale, but for raffle.  Ugh!  Look at that great great green canister stacking set, and pink cake pan.  *Sniff Sniff*  They were so freaken cute, and so hard to walk away from. 

Ok, I'm in mourning about what I didn't get.... but here's what I did get. 

I scored two fantastic Pyrex casserole dishes from my favorite thrift store.  It's one of those things.  "I was just here yesterday....where did those two come from?"

I almost didn't grab the Butterfly gold casserole because it looked weird.  As in not like the other ones I have in my collection.  It's very movie theater nacho cheese looking.  Come to find out it's Butterfly Gold 2.  So it wasn't just me.  I figured if I decided I didn't want it maybe someone on Etsy would.

Got this wooden drawer, and box.

And these fantastic typeset drawers, scored at separate locations.  I already have a large one, that is a little bit damaged, so I'm gonna switch it out with my new find from this weekend. 

These awesome mason jars with lids.  At a $1.75 each they were a steal.

I went to an estate sale of a 92 year old sewer.  So what did that mean for me?  A grocery bag full of fabric for $1, and these are not scrap pieces (aside from the bird fabric) 1-2 yards a piece.  Yay!  Now what will I make with them?  A cute skirt maybe with the floral fabric on the left.

A ton of thread, for $5.
Once in awhile I tend to need colors aside from black and white...this should hold me over.
This super cute yarn stand. Is that what they are called?

A 10 piece milk glass set, in box, of Fire King egg nog mugs with bowl.

I revisited this sale on its last day, Monday(what a weird day to have a sale), and grabbed some vintage jewelry.

A  faux pearl necklace.

I really love this necklace.  They are plastic, faceted beads, and super cute.  Wish I had somewhere to wear it to.  Or maybe I just need to make a 1950's dress, with a cute apron and wear it while I cook.   I'm sure someone will love it, once I decide to stop admiring it and let it go.

I wonder what it was like to live back then (50's & 60's).  Costume jewelry always seems so extravagant.  Who goes out to places where fancy fake or real jewelry like these pieces are usable?  I have some very fancy pieces of my grandmas where I envision being matched with a tiara, while having tea with the Queen.

This necklace (below) really appealed to me, even more so at 50% off.  It is really light, not over bearing, and something about it just really drew me to it. 

As I was looking at it the cashier told me her mom hand crocheted them back in the 60's.  What?  I had to look at them closer.
I have old looking hands...don't look at them.  I'm only 34.  :-(
Yup!  They are loose crocheted, beaded loops, and that is what sold me.  It looks to be a metallic thread.  I'm so gonna try to make these.  

My remaining finds

Enamel bowl and very large coffee pot.

Vintage scarfs

Upholstery fabric samples (13"x26") at .25 cents per piece.  These will make some cute little purses.  Now if I could just discipline myself to get to sewing. 

Ok...I'm tired, and just barely squeezing this in for Monday, CST.  I was determined to get this done.  Tomorrow is another day and maybe...just maybe I'll get some sewing done.  :-)


  1. Haha I totally read that you went to the estate sale of a 92 year old sewer - as in sewage pipes - my mind was boggling at your fortitude. But someone who does sewing makes more sense!

    I love the coffee pot and mason jars best this week.

  2. Great finds! I'm dying over those typeset drawers that you found. And the mason jars! $1.75/each is a great price too! My mom and I went garage saling last weekend and didn't find anything! It was a total bummer - but I guess that's part of thrifting!

  3. I love the green Pyrex casserole; but all that fabric for $1? Wow, can't wait to see what you make with it.