Monday, September 10, 2012

Thrift Share Monday - September 10

Ugh...Barf!  I was bad this weekend.  Like real real bad.

I bought too a lot, a lot.  Why is that bad?  Well, because I'm very very slow at listing things on Etsy.

I don't know how I'm gonna do this post.  I may have to break it down into several post...even though I know I could be notorious for having long posts.   I'm just gonna start and see how out of control this gets.

The thrift stores weren't as plentiful as they were the week before, but I did score one really cool item.  Thank you mom for spotting this.

A super cute vintage working condition.  I'm keeping this. 

On Friday we started off at a garage sale, and I was really please with my finds.

I first eyed a rough looking stand/shelf, something great for a craft display, and if folds flat.

A 1950s Cosco step stool.  It's a little rough but it will clean up nicely.

A really.....really rough kitchen utility cart.

The chrome is in fantastic condition, the trays I'll sand and repaint.  As for the wheels...they are on their last leg, but you know what?  Last weekend I bought 4 wheels at a random stop, just because I knew what the wheels belonged to, since a few weeks back I found a wheel to another cart I have, and you never know when you'll need more wheels.   Just buy it, and the rest will come.  ;-)

Left photo is what the currently wheels look like on the cart, breaking.  The right picture are the wheels I found last week.
And then look at this fantastic double goose-neck desk lamp.

When I was looking at the lamp the garage sale host said it was his military desk lamp.  How cool is that?   It works and is currently listed in my Etsy shop

Our next stop was a living estate sale, but it was somewhere along the lines of a garage sale/antique dealer liquidation.  The host was handling the sale for her daughter who just sold the house, and the host was a former antique dealer trying to get rid of odds and ends she still hand on hand.  So here is what I grabbed there.

These vintage ceramic planters.

A cast iron owl letter holder.

And these super super cute 1940's salt and pepper shakers, currently listed on Etsy

Hmmmm.... should I stop here?  Probably so.  The next sale is where I did the most damage....times two, since I went back for 50% of Sunday.  Yikes!!!

Sooo, check back tomorrow to see part two of Thrift Share Monday, which includes Pyrex, a super cool folding utility cart, and a super cute "His" and "Hers" coffee carafe pair. 

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