Monday, June 13, 2011

Thrift Share Monday's - June 13

It was one of those weeks.  I wasn't in a mood to do much, not even thrifting.  However, you get that nervous twitch, and feel you have to just because you have to...or else that nervous twitch just gets worst.

So Friday afternoon I attempted to get it over with, with a hit and run stop during my lunch hour.  I'm glad I did, because I got this gorgeous sheet.  Ooohhh look at the pretty colors.

And I scored this Pfatzgraff set for $16.  Yes, all the pieces including the three storage jars.  I know it's kinda tacky posting the price you paid for something that you plan on reselling, but come on we all know the stores we buy stuff from do the same thing.  Plus I know I'm willing to paying  good money on something I am in search of, or really want.  Not caring how much the person I'm buying it from bought it for.  Right?  Am I alone on this?

Saturday was very bland on garage sales.  I made the weak attempt to go out and scour some close by my house, but there was very little luck.  My last stop was about two blocks from my house and I came away with some fabric and three paperback books all for $1.75.  There is three yards of this navy blue and polka dot fabric, 50 cents.  What?!  Three yards!

Sunday...that nervous twitch kept on twitching.  So I decided to hit up an estate sale.  I'm sooooo super glad I did.  OMG!!!

I got these super cute juice glasses. (They need to be washed...their still dusty :-o  )

Pyrex serving dish and Federal Glass bowl.

A yummy lemon yellow vintage sheet with butterflies.

And are you ready for this one?   Drum roll please.

This super fantastic Regal Food Tote!!! 

It has a detachable handle for one of the pans, and it even still has its paper advertisement with it.

However, it is missing the U shaped metal rod that holds all 5 pans together.  This is where I need your help.  Where can I find a replacement?  I've looked online and I emailed Regal, hopefully they will get back with me and they don't have any replacements since it was discontinued in the 80's.  Do any of you hard core thrifters know of other resources to find replacements?

Look at the info on the label.  It's hilarious.

"Foods stay fresh and clean...."

It's "A perfect gift for favorite people". 

 I scored this food tote for $5, and I'm not planning on letting it go any time soon.  I love it!


  1. Wow...that tote is great and I hope you find the missing part (or find a way to create your own solution) soon!

  2. I love the first sheet. It is so cheerful!

  3. I tend to shop the thrift stores in hoping of finding cheap materials for my crafting :)
    Yep, that Food Tote is a's too cool!