Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thrifty finds

I'm having sooo much fun thrifting and garage sale-ing.

This all started with the thought in mind that I'm gonna sell the thrifted stuff I find, but that's almost impossible to do.  I'm not finding tons of stuff, I guess I'm still buying as a regular consumer would buy... for them self.  But hey for a few dollars here and there I'll buy for myself all day long.

Check out all this stuff.  If you can't tell I'm loving the white, milk glass right now(not sure if it's all milk glass either way I'm loving it). 

Glass bear jar .25 (but was just given it)
Corningwear bowl .50
Pyrex pie plate .50
Double sided serving plate with cute green flowers .5  (no maker mark on the bottom)
10 juice glasses 1.99  (to fill in my crate)

All this for a grand total under $4.00!!!!  OMG!!!  Good by bulls-eye and smiley face box stores.  I'm done with you for my random splurge shopping... I've found a more satisfying way to spend my money.  (Keep in mind I did say for random  splurge shopping... I will continue to shop these places for the inexpensive wardrobes.  I haven't found the patience to thrift for clothes yet).

Viva la Thrifting!!

All this for under $4.  Gotta love thrifting!!!


  1. All very practical and useful! Can't beat that!

  2. Great prices on those items- way to go! Thanks so much for your message, and I am so sorry i didn't reply. I just went to do that and found that I could no longer find your message. Oy. The questions I remember was whether I had made such a large basket before- the answer to that one is no, but I've come close, with different dimensions. It can definitely be done, and will hold up really well. Go for the biggest hook you can manage and keep your fabric strips super thick otherwise it will take you for.ever. Have fun, and don't hesitate to write again- I'm usually better at writing back, this was just a crazy week for me :)