Monday, March 7, 2011

Vintage (sheet) apron Giveaway!

Good morning everyone!

Look what I have up for grabs.  An upcycled half apron made from vintage sheets.

I finally took a deep breath and took my scissors to some of my vintage sheets that I've obsessively gone searching for the last two weeks.  The apron is double sided using coordinating fabrics, and measures 23" wide by 15 1/2". The straps are each 24" long.

The giveaway is being held over at The Vintage Sheet Blog, where Jen is celebrating her one year blogaversary,  and everyday this month she is having a giveaway.  I love giveaways, and one everyday....that is awesome!!  I'm definitely glued to The Vintage Sheet Blog this month.   

So to enter the giveaway you need to comment (not here) on the post over at The Vintage Sheet Blog.  There is a list of ways to enter for multiple chances to win.  Now go on...go comment to win....Yay!!


  1. Hi. Nice to meet you. Thanks for the chance to win the apron, I totally love it. I'm an obsessive collector of vintage sheets myself. I use them as top sheets and pillowcases for my bed, but I haven't cut into the growing pile yet. I'm going to take a picture to post on Flickr first, then I'm going to take the plunge. Good luck in your sewing and blogging!

  2. Hi! I love your apron! I love wearing vintage clothing and having aprons to match is the best! Love your blog and thank you for donating the apron!

  3. Love the apron. I'm also a hoarder, er, I mean collector. I'm going to take a deep bread and start to cut into them. Thanks for the chance to win the qpron!

  4. Awwww! That is too cute! So funny about the dream you had :)