Sunday, January 13, 2013

Thrift Share Monday - January 14

Well... it's official, after 11 1/2 months I am no longer unemployed.  Finally I've acquired a job, and start orientation at my new job today.  Yay?

Bitter sweet it is.  I've come to enjoy my peace from procrastination, sewing, thrifting, to not having to be somewhere at a specific time besides at school to pick up my kids (that in itself cuts a day down to almost nothing).  I use to always think I'd never be able to not work and be just be a homebody, that is if I didn't have to. I would think I'd go stir crazy, but boy did time fly the second the kids were both dropped off at school. Sadly, all this time I didn't miss working one bit.

My sister has joked with me, telling me to say "good-bye" to thrifting/estate sales, but don't worry, I was doing this whole thrifting/blogging thing a year before I lost my job.  However, there might be some truth to that, as in say good-bye to Friday and Saturday morning estate/garage sales,  but I should be able to make it to them later on Saturday or Sunday.  I know, I'll miss out on some really good stuff, but I need to do my best to not think of that (it'll make me sad).

Alright, enough with all that.  Time to share my thrifted goods.

There was only one estate sale I went to this weekend, and I came out with a few good items, but nothing big.  I'll also include some small bits from the previous weekend that I didn't squeeze into last weeks post.

I think these were my favorite finds this weekend, some metal pieces.  A really awesome Viko aluminum pitcher, a stainless steel butter dish (?), chrome ladle, and a Danish bowl.

I do LOVE these old school aluminum ice trays.  

Some vintage canisters.

And here are some books from last weekend. I really try to stay away from books, mainly because I don't know which books have value.  When I first started out I bought a whole bunch with no knowledge and ended up stuck with them.  I use them now as elevation display pieces in my vintage booth where I sell my goods.

Oh, how I love the movie "The Graduate", and when I saw this 1963 book I just had to have it.  I'm sure it will make an interesting read by figuring out what's in the book that wasn't in the movie.  This shall occupy my free time this week at orientation, during breaks and lunch.  

The shorthand dictionary, from 1943, was really a surprise.  I had no earthly idea that shorthand was like this.

I always thought short hand was just an abbreviation of a word or words, you know like our current "LOL", not squiggles to make up words.  That's amazing that you would have to learn a whole new language to take shorthand. 

And I couldn't pass up this giant World Atlas.

Whoa! Texas is big!

When did the moon and constellations become part of the "World"?

At $2, I just couldn't leave it behind.  It was interesting to run though it once I brought it home, but now what?  Side table?

There you go.  That's all I got for now. 

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  1. Cool stuff. Although I'm a regular reader, I rarely comment. But that vintage shorthand book caught my eye.

    I learned Gregg Shorthand in high school and got up to 120 words per minute (written and then accurately transcribed). Basically, it's just a phonetic system, and I never saw it taught by words (as in your book). That was probably just a reference-type page. Anyway, I am in my mid-fifties (old, but not ancient, LOL) and used it through college, my working career, and even when I was taking notes at Sewing Summit last fall!

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  3. Congrats on the new job.

    Doesn't look like I'll be learning shorthand anytime soon, lol. I had no idea it was like that either.