Thursday, August 23, 2012

Vintage Sheets - What I've found lately

So my Thrift Share post have been lacking in a particular item lately.  Vintage sheets.  No, not because I haven't found any.  Just simply because I forget to take pictures of them.  Usually they are still in the dryer in the garage, and sometimes already folded under a stack of sheets when I get around to taking pictures of my other vintage finds.  So I've decided to dedicate a whole post solely to my recent vintage sheet finds.

Don't forget you can get your hands on these vintage sheet lovelies as well, and purchase fat quarter packs through my Etsy shop.  The sheets are not listed individually on Etsy, the way I have it set up is you can view all the sheets I have available on my Flickr page and then you can pick the vintage sheets you want for your bundle through Etsy.  For example you want to purchase a six pack bundle of vintage sheets, just simply view Flickr, write down the number of the six fat quarters you want, and then enter it in the comment section of your Etsy order.  Make sense?

Oh and in the event you're interested in a larger cut of a particular vintage sheet, just convo me through Etsy with the number of the sheet and how much your interested in and I'll let you know how much I have available along with a price. 

Ok, sorry, enough of the sales spiel.  Here are my recent finds...

I loved finding this pink floral one, because I previously had the same print in greens and blues.

Then you know what I found another blue and green one.  Yay!

I've had this one before.  This is one of my top ten favorites.  

I LOVE stripes, but at this point in time this mustard and orange doesn't do much for me.  Maybe I can attempt something chevron-y.  That might make this 70's sheet more appealing.  I will say though the mustard does match the above sheet.   You know what? This might make a really cute headband.   Hmmm.

 This blue is one of my favs.  I previously had this print in pink, so I was soo happy when I found it in blue.  Currently I have a market bag in my Etsy shop made out of the pink pattern. 

 I've also had this pink rose one before.  It's been all used up and I don't recall what was done with it.  Hmmm.  Well here is some more to use up.

Black and red is probably my favorite color combination, and then add stripes to it.  *swoon*  I have a super cute apron I've made out of this that will be added to my Etsy shop soon.  Maybe today.  Keep an eye out for it.  

Then we have super cute little strawberries.  This will make a really cute apron too.

So that's all I got for now. I think.  I may have others buried underneath stuff.  If I uncover more then of course I'll reveal in another post.  :-)


  1. really great finds. I like those strawberries

  2. So I have been curious about vintage sheets, do they work okay with new quilting cottons? How do they wash together, okay? I love the look and would love to incorporate them into my quilts.