Monday, August 20, 2012

Thrift Share Monday - August 20

I totally flaked last week with posting my Thrift Share.  I had this all written out and just never got around to adding the pics to it, and I was even debating on if I was gonna get it posted for today since I am sooo freaken tired.  On Saturday I participated at the Austin Craft Riot Summer Show and I am still exhausted and sore from all the work that goes into setting up and working a show.   

So here is what should have been last Mondays post, including an item from last weeks outing. I have other items, but haven't gotten around to taking pictures. 

A random, one day, estate sale right down the street from me on a Wednesday got me these few items.

These frames, recipes tin....
The recipe tin sold this weekend.
vintage carved wood wall plaques,
Sold this weekend.  Yes!

and my fav from this stop.  This Swingline staple gun.  The color is awesome.

PSA:  Please remember when handling any type of gun to be careful and don't pull the trigger.  As I was paying for my items the cashier picked it up said "oh I didn't see that here. Wish I did so I could have grabbed it" as she squeezed the handle and shot the lady next to her.  Nope, no blood was drawn but it did startle the lady who got shot.  Ooops!

That Friday I hit up a yard/estate sale and got a few things here.

A Pyrex Verde casserole lid.

These glasses

I don't know why I've been buying these character glasses, maybe it's just the nostalgia of them, and who doesn't like Charlie Brown? I have them now and will until I decide to get around to posting them on Etsy or Ebay. 

Now this was my favorite buy here (this day).  This super huge, restaurant grade Artimetal juicer.

This thing means business.  It's big enough for grapefruits and pomegranates.  And you know what?  We initially walked away from it.  My mom was with me and we looked at it and said how nice it was.  Then the debate on would we actually use it, and we were back and forth with it, plus the price of $35.  I know! I know, that is a fantastic price, but when out thrifting I tend to not want to thrown down chunks of change that big for a single items.  Plus, I have a tiny similar juicer already, but sometimes the oranges are too big for it. 

We left the sale and were about two miles down the way when the functionality of juicer was waved, and it was decided that it would be a nice piece displayed on the counter.  You know...kinda like a statement piece.  So we turned around and bought it.  Yay!

On the way home I did my regular thrift store stop and didn't find anything.  Now this is where I need to remember to not remain tunnel visioned by where I look (in the kitchen stuff and linens).  Because as I waited at the front of the store for my mom she called me and rolled around the corner with this.

How did I miss this awesome vintage type writer table?  I must be more tunnel visioned than I realized to pass this by.  Especially since I was looking at one in a little antique mall a few weeks back, but didn't want to pay what they had it priced at.  This is why I keep my mom on payroll (minus the actual pay).  Having an extra pair of eyes is beneficial at times.

The next day I went back to the estate/yard sale and got two goodies.

A little spice rack with jars (not photoed), and over a week later it's still in it's bag unwashed.  Ugh!

and this awesome end table for $2.

What?!!!  Yup. $2.  I walked up and saw it immediately and asked the little old man how much it was and he said, what seemed like without thinking, "$2 since you're a repeat customer!"  I did respond in shock "what? seriously, for that end table?"  Then quickly shut my mouth and decided not to question it any further.  That so counteracts the cost of the juicer from the day before, and this little table sits perfectly right next to the couch. Yay!  (The end tables have been rotating as I find them.  First with this one that was way too small, then this one that was too....narrow and slat-ty, now this new one that is just right.  At least for now.)

Oh, and yes the juicer works beautifully. My son and I made lemonade a few days after we bought it.   Mmmmm.

One of my favorite finds from this week was this Cosco step stool.
Wet stool.
Sorry I don't have a better picture.  I took these pictures when I was cleaning it, and I ended up selling it at the market this weekend.  It was sooo dirty, grimy, and had some light rust on the chrome, but that didn't deter me since it was a fantastic price.  Plus you don't come across these often.  A little bit of elbow grease and time and I was actually impressed on how clean it got.  Steel wool removed the rust and got the chrome all nice and pretty.  It was also missing a couple of screws (aren't we all) from one of the steps so I bought some and fixed it up. 
Look how dirty it was.  The right is after just a few swipes of soap.  It looked sooo pretty once it was all clean.

I got a couple other items from last week that I haven't photoed yet, hopefully I can share them with you next week.

Ok...I'm vegging for the rest of the week.  Well, maybe I can get to also sharing some of the things I made for the Summer Show this week.  I had a great day selling, but of course didn't sell out, therefore I have a whole bunch of new sewn stuff, and vintage goods to add to my Etsy Shop.  Keep an eye out for some great pillows, clutches, market bags and aprons. 


  1. Love your advice re: staple gun! When I was young, one of my 3 older brothers fired Dad's staple gun into my back - ouch!

  2. That juicer is so stinkin' awesome!! And, I've never seen a typewriter table quite like that one before. I'm jealous!