Monday, March 11, 2013

Thrift Share Monday - March 11

I'm on a roll.  Three Thrift Share's in a row!  What a feat....right? 

I know I'm bad with keeping to a schedule with everything in my life when it comes to blogging, but I do always have intentions/wants to write more.  The catch 22 with this is that I have to do more to be able to write more, but then if I'm doing more things then I won't have time to write....that is of course if I was doing things (which I'm not). 

This weekend it didn't look like there was much happening with official estate sales due to Spring Break starting, so I searched my Garage Sale Rover app to see if anything different popped up.  Sometimes the official estate sales show up on here, once in awhile I find a good stop, and I love it when it's a family run estate sale.  Just my luck there was one and it was close by.

My favorite find, as you may have seen on Facebook Friday, is this vintage Bel Air sewing machine. 

I was rummaging through the garage for the second time, and as I was going around a table in the back I practically tripped over it.  As I looked down I looked at it in shock, then looked around wondering if anyone else has seen it (as in I wanted to hide it, like if someone else was gonna pounce on it....paranoid).  I bend down to pick it if it was my regular machine, then think it's bolted to the concrete since it was so heavy.  It's really heavy.  I took it to the "cashier" and ask how much.  He looks at me kinda confused and asked me "do you want it?"  "Um yeah...I don't know if it works, but it's cute." Still with the confused look on his face he gives me a price.  "ONE DOLLAR".  I say "ok" then proceed to ask for a price for this matching Swingline staple gun, which also ends up being $1.

Huh?  What?  How can you look at these two items and price them both at $1.  Now I was confused, but of course very happy with the prices.  

Another awesome find was this vintage Industrial Dazor floating arm lamp.

It is really awesome. At approx. 48" long, this could be really helpful in my dark windowless loft.  I could swing it over my cutting table while cutting fabric, or swing it over my dresser for possible Etsy photo shoots.  Now it's just a matter of rigging it to sit on top of metal railing (there is no wall on this side of my room). 

I've occasionally seen these valets (to hold a jacket, pants, with a little tray to hold a wallet and keys), but they are usually more that what I'd want to pay for them, but the price was right this time.

Then there is this cute ottoman.  These always remind me of my grandparents house from forever ago.

At another estate sale on Saturday, that promised a lot, was a dud, or all the good stuff was taken by the time I made it to the sale after work.  I walked out with some fabric and this little alarm clock.

I love the blue numbers.

And...that's all I got this week.  I'm not expecting much thrifting this week since it's Spring break, but I'll play it by ear.  Have you had any good finds lately?


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