Monday, March 4, 2013

Thrift Share Monday - March 4

Yay!  Two consecutive Thrift Share Mondays, how crazy is that? 

There was a moment early in this last 6 weeks that I started to mourn estate sales, telling myself I had to face the fact that since I was working every Friday and Saturday morning that estate sales were going to be dead to me.  However, my schedule seems to be a bit different every week, and this Saturday I actually had it off.  Awesome!!!

I haven't disappointed myself with my brief outings, my mom has even helped out by attending some estate sales I haven't been able to get to.  She did that once earlier in February, and then this weekend grabbing a few items each time.  It was funny the first time I gave her the list of estate sales she could go to, she said "well what do you want me to buy?"  I told her "'ve been going to estate sales with me for over a year now.  Consider that your training.  You know what I like." Not to mention there are quite a few times where she's been the enabler, steering me in the direction of buying something.  So there shouldn't be the need of a list of what she should buy.

Alright.  I have to start off with a "I'll wait and see if it's still around on half price day" purchase.  I went back to this estate sale on Sunday purely for sewing machines, there were three a this sale, and this 1959 pink Atlas sewing machine was at the top of my list.

I come across sewing machines "often" at estate sales.  Usually the much older, early 1900 treadle ones, that are super expensive, that I can just admire.  Then there are the not-cute-at-all-machines, that barely even get a glance.  Finally, there are ones that you only see online, the awesome retro ones.  There were three at this sale, a green (mint-ish) one, blue, and pink.  When I went back to this sale on Sunday I wasn't sure if any of these would still be there, but I somewhat had in mind that I would buy all three if they were.  I got there early and bee-lined to the room where the pink one was and I put my sold sign on it, quickly realizing the blue one was gone and went to go see the green one.  It was still there, and ok (on the cute scale), but the table it was attached to was really big/bulky and not appealing.  So I decided to leave it behind and head out with my lone pink machine, happy.

You know I have no idea if it even actually works yet, it does turn on, but for $32 that wasn't even a concern, it could be a super cute decor piece in my, far in the future, craft room.  Right?  And if it works that will be a double bonus.

So same sale, a day earlier, I got a giant zip-lock bag of super fab retro Mar-Crest stainless steel utensils. 
I loved the Star Burst pattern on them.  There were a bit pricey, $36 (yes I know a cheap set of 20 can run $30, but you have to remember this is an estate sale and I don't like spending more than $15 on an item/set), but that expense later faded when I got home and had my daughter count how many pieces were in the bag, 123.  Yeah,  I bought them not knowing how many were in the bag. 

This sale had a whole bunch of cookware and stainless steel, so I grabbed some small stainless steel items (some Danish), aside from the above utensils. 

It's weird how I tend, on the rare occasion, to get drawn to the so-not-me items, like this sterling silver and turquoise ring. 
It's not your typical round, gawky, over sized stone, and then it fit me how could I leave it behind? 

At another estate sale I got this white and red enamel pot. 

Then here is what my mom got on her outing. 

An awesome desk lamp.

A little Fire King custard dish, a brand new vintage sheet and....

These super awesome blue melamine cups. 

She was sad to admit that she broke the 4th one, but believe me I've been there, done that.  Besides it's repairable enough that I could still use it to hold something in my craft room. So score either way.  Yay!

Thanks mom for tag teaming estate sales with me.  :-)

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  1. That is a amazing sewing machine. And its pink and perfect!

    And I would have snatched that flatware up too. I have been using vintage flatware, as my daily stuff, for years. Plus it really does set up a pretty table.