Monday, March 18, 2013

Thrift Share Monday - March 18

Well, to avoid messing up a streak of Thrift Share Mondays, since I did no thrifting this week, I'm going to post on some previous finds I haven't posted about yet.

This share will be a bit different because this one will be about a few books I've acquired. I tend to steer away from books because I bought a whole bunch at the beginning of my thrifting ventures, with the thoughts of being able to resell them, but they were flops. However, I've put some use to them by using them as display/height props at my craft shows.
Alright, first up is the fantastic classic 1968 Bambi book. 
I first got this book in January. The art work is so fantastically, gorgeous and soft. So vintage-y.

My first thought when i saw this book was that these pages would look amazing framed. Then I froze, because I felt bad thinking about removing the pages, even though the hard cover isn't in the greatest condition. This issue has been fixed, I think, because I found the same book last month, and the cover is really warped. So I shouldn't feel bad about framing those pages.  

You know what the best part of this Bambi book is?  It ends just as Spring starts.  So you never know what happened to his mom out in the open.

Next up is this 1908 Sears catalog.  Which is so sad to look through.

Sad? Yes.  Why? Well, because I want to buy this for today's $3,000. A nine room house.


I wouldn't mind a "talking machine" either for $15.90.

Well if these items don't do it for you then are you more of a vanity type?  Need your skin whitened?  Well then, this lovely bottle of White Lily Face Wash is recommended for you, AND it DOESN'T contain arsenic.  So gift giving this to your "favorite" mother-in-law would do you no good. 

Getting tired of your curvaceous womenly figure, well we got you covered because now you can literally have the shape of an hourglass.  
For as little as  47 cents you can rearrange all your internal organs. 
Oh, don't worry guys, there is something sexy for you too. 
So hot...right?  No really...I mean it must be sooo hot wearing fleece lined bodysuit underwear. 

Last but not least you have this.


0_0  Um....I'm a bit at a lost for words here.  All I got is now I know where the idea of the Flying Nun came from.  Nothing like a dead bird on top of your head that would make you wonder how it would be to fly by your head. 

Now I haven't had the chance to go through much of this next book from 1958.  From my memory I vaguely remember this shows remake with Bill Cosby, "Kids say the darndest things".

The thing that drew me to this book was the old Peanuts drawings, because we all know this isn't the Snoopy we now know and love.

Alright, that's all for today.  I hope you enjoyed this unorthodox Thrift Share post. 

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  1. I love that old Snoopy. Did you know you can tell what era a Snoopy is from by the shape of his nose?