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Thrift Share Monday - July 15

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Yup! I'm writing a Thrift Share Post after almost 3 months of no Thrift Shares.  My last attempt at a Thrift Share post was in May.  I lost most of my pictures transferring them from my camera to my computer...and that was it.  I had the whole post written, with only 1/4 of the pictures for it.  I had intentions of re-taking photos, but that didn't happen.  For me taking pictures of my finds is a good chunk of getting around to a post.  Lugging everything to be ready, out of the car, into the house, out to the backyard, or living room.  Sometimes things only make it out of my car and onto the porch, then a week or so later it vanishes.... into the garage (mom puts it away). 

Well, anyways this post will be a collage of various thrifting finds since May.  My ventures have been to a minimum due to working Fridays and Saturdays (yeah, I know I've said this a few times before), but I've had a few awesome finds here and there.  You may have even seem some of my favorite finds since I've listed them in my Etsy shop, but I'll be sharing them with you here just in case you've missed them.

This weekend I scored a few good items including a vintage suitcase and train case. I think the train case is mad because it is so dirty.  The outside should clean up nice, but I'll have to figure out what to do about the inside. 

The suitcase is also a bit rough, but I have a makeover for it in mind, and let me tell you getting this suitcase was a bit frustrating.  Online this estate sale pretty much had nothing that really interested me, but I stopped by because it was on my way to work (and I ended up going by all three days). The first day I saw this suitcase in the garage by the $1 table, so yeah of course I grabbed it for $1, then to be told at the register it was $5.  That's ok, I don't want it. And left it there.  Kinda regretting that decision I went back on Saturday, and found it was still there (strange), but now marked $10.  UGH!  I take it to the register, to ask about it, and the young girl remembered me from the day before and gave it to me for $5.  Sunday I went back to see if this  birdcage was still there...

and it was. I have a project in mind for the birdcage as well.  Pulling out all the junk inside and putting in some different kind of birds.

Backing up about a month we head to a hoarders sale.  Yes!  Third day of the sale and we still find some awesome stuff.  What we missed the prior two days of the sale who knows, but it's all half off now.  However, I did miss the second part of this sale a few weeks later, where the whole back yard was opened up, but I don't want to think about it.  Let me just show you what I missed.

This hoarders back yard was FULL, just in case you missed the picture above :-) .  We didn't have access to 90% of the yard, but there was someone, momentarily, grabbing stuff we saw from afar a donut shop.  Mom scored this enamel Dansk bowl, and pan.  Yeah, these were out in all that mess.  Oh, and it had just rained that morning.  Can you imagine the mess?  This sale made me giddy.  :-) 

Listed in my Etsy shop.

My favorite find from this sale was this metal chair frame.  I'll more likely attempt to sell it, but if no luck then maybe I can make an awesome cushion for it for myself.

After that sale we went straight to another estate sale, even though we didn't have any more room in the car; unless I kicked my kids out of the car we strategically rearranged all the stuff we just bought. Luckily for the kids there were only small finds at this sale.

A whole bunch of random stuff packed into my car.
This sale, also on it's third day, had a few awesome finds left too.  Like these gorgeous, risqué, framed pinup prints.  When I first saw them I did love them, but couldn't decide on one and didn't want to drop the cash for all of them, so I passed them by. Then my mom saw them and loved them as well, but she couldn't decided on just one either, but didn't want to pass them up.  So we went half in together and bought them all. 

Listed in my Etsy shop
I really do love these.  They are sexy, and tasteful.  They would be a gorgeous accent to a bathroom or man-cave.   There were originally part of an Esquire calendar. My favorites are the orange one and the towel in hair.

Another happy find for me at this sale was this little England Pyrex casserole.  My first stop at most sales is the kitchen,  I have a dish thing I guess.  I was very surprised when I saw this Pyrex marked England.  I hadn't seen one of these in person, let alone even remembered if I'd seen a foreign Pyrex online.

It makes me smile.

These tall drip glass lovelies were found right on my street.  On my way home, after work, on a Saturday I spot a garage sale and turn around to stop by, and these were waiting for me.  How they were not snagged up earlier that morning is beyond me.  They really brightened up my Saturday. 

Listed on Etsy.
Here are some of my finds from that May post, that never got completed.  Some of my most gorgeous finds.

A jadite, converted, oil lamp.  Gorgeous!!!

And this wonderful, Krom, Siamese cat lamp.

De ja vu?  Well, yeah, I have one of these already that I bought last year, but I haven't wanted to part with it since it was so awesome.  However, now I have two so I may be letting one go soon.  This one isn't wired, so more likely this will be the one I keep.  I can put a little flame-less candle inside it for the same glowing eyes effect, as seen here with my first find. 

Ok, I can go on and on and on, since I do have a ton more I can share, but maybe I can get another Thrift Share post ready for next week.  :-)

Until then check out the giveaway I'm having this week to win an stylish fabric headband.  Three headbands are up for grabs. 

Have a great week!

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