Monday, July 29, 2013

Thrift Share Monday - July 29

A lovely reader (Quilting Fiesta) is giving away one of my headbands on her blog this week. 
Enter here.

I've had some pretty good vintage luck the last two weekends at some estate sales.   Where I've managed to get some of my favorite type of vintage goods.

I'm obsessed, possibly, with snack sets.  I think they are the cutest things ever.  Which is really weird since I'm not a big coffee or tea drinker.  It just that I love how they have that little circular ridged area to place the petite little cup on the plate.  One weekend I got 16 pair of these clear snack sets,

and this weekend I got 8 pair (new in box) of these Crystal snack plate sets.

You can see some of the other snack sets I've found in the past here, here, and here.  Some of these have been sold, however, that hasn't stopped me from having this strange envision of having a cute little vintage-y coffee/tea shop where you can sit relax sipping some tea with a desert on one of my many different snack set dishes. 

Anyways, onward to another one of my favorites, that I have a thing for - carts, or little rolling tables.  I think I have 8 in the garage right now. Let's say 9 adding this folding, rolling cart.

This is the third folding cart I've found.  There is this black one I haven't wanted to part with (yet) and then this brown one that I sold last year (at a pretty good profit).

I'm really digging this small, narrow drawer industrial cabinet.

Well, I think I'm acquiring a thing now for TV lamps too.  Adding to my hoard collection is this Mallard Duck lamp.

The other TV lamps I have are Siamese cats and a panther.

Hmmmm, it looks like I have a thing for wine racks too.  I don't drink wine.  Well....I do if I put some 7-Up in it.

This is the 4th one I currently have (in the garage), and two others have been sold.  Maybe these are signs hidden at estate sales that I should take up heavier coffee, tea and wine drinking.

Well, this wasn't my complete haul. There is about a dozen other small items I purchased like scarves, vintage sheets, a goose neck lamp (to add to the other 4 also in my garage), vintage gloves, and a stool. 

Don't get sad that I have so much stuff hoarded in my garage.  Some of these items along with a huge chunk of my other vintage finds will see the light of day soon.  I'll be sorting through stuff over the next few weeks in preparation of the 2nd Annual Austin Craft Riot Summer Show.  So if your in the area and love handmade goods and vintage you don't want to miss this event.  

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  1. I know what you mean about the snack sets, they are just too cute! They always catch my eye when I see them but I've never purchased any, I do have two that go with my china pattern though.