Saturday, September 24, 2011

81 patch (?) block

Is there such a thing, an 81 patch block?  Or would this be considered a 9 patch block of 9 patch blocks? 

I'm still trucking along on my vintage sheet quilt.  I've completed 126 strips of  2" squares, nine squares long.  Which now are being pieced together, nine strips per block (81 2" squares per block).  I will have a total of 14 blocks of 81, and eventually 14 nine patch blocks of 5" squares, which are already all cut out and ready to sew.
So far there is no identical sheet horizontally or vertically in each row, some what Sudoku-ish, but I don't know if this will continue as I go through the strips.  

Got three of these blocks completed so far, and I just bought the batting so I'm even more committed and invested in this quilt. 

Wow!  This is a lot of work, but now it looks like there is actual progress.  Yay!!!

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