Friday, September 9, 2011

My Fav Friday

Time flies.  It feels like I've done nothing but I have been sewing....kinda.  I've worked on a skirt block and made a pencil skirt, and I have been working on my vintage sheet quilt.  I'll get some post on these next week, but for now lets see if I could get a fav knocked out this week.  

This fav subject popped up in discussion last week with my 8 year old son.

"Why do you always watch The Young and the Restless?" he asked.

Well, obviously, because I like it.  "Why do you always watch Pokemon, Ben 10,  or the dozen other shows you watch?" I asked him, and he had the same reply, because he likes those shows.

I proceeded to tell him I've watched The Young and the Restless as long as I could remember, since I was little.  He made a grossed out face and said "but it's for grown ups".  Yeah, "but when I was little my grandma would watch it, so that meant I would watch it, because cartoons were not on all day long."

*Shock* The concept of no kid t.v. during the day is foreign.  He starts questioning when were cartoons on and for how long?

Now from what I remember cartoons were only on, during the week, for about an hour in the morning, usually on PBS and for about an hour in the late afternoon; during the after school hour.  Then there were Saturday morning cartoons for about 3 hours.  After those times it was all "grow-up" shows.

He soon got bored of this subject, and walked way.  Haha.

Anyways,  I love The Young and the Restless.  I've seriously watched it as long as I could remember.  Of course I'd go those long stretches of not seeing it during the day like when I was in school, but in the summer I would watch it, and you'd get up to date quickly on what's been going on.  Then there was the rare day off/holiday when it was actually on and I would get a quick fix, but now there is the Soapnet channel.  They've been running The Young and the Restless the last several years, and boy was I happy when this happened.  Also you can watch same day episodes on-line, which I do when I miss my 6 pm showing (I don't have Tivo).  Eek!  And the days I miss it in the evening and I don't get a chance to watch it on-line at home, I can now watch it during my lunch break on my phone while sitting in my car.  Yeah...I'm a nut like that. 

I don't know what it is that has me so drawn to it, but I love it.  It's a guilty pleasure.  Guilty?  No, it's not a guilty's simply a pleasure.  ;-)

So what did you watch as a kid that was not a cartoon?  In the evenings I remember as a kid watching Golden Girls, Night Court, Designing Women....etc.  I could not picture my kids watching those shows today, and it's very unlikely I'll watch reruns of those either.


  1. Yes Golden Girls still gets me, it's a show for all ages. The others we watched were Aussie & you probably wouldn't know them.
    Hey I know your kids are past this, but I just posted a tutorial for how to fix overalls on babies who need diaper changes. Come by and have a 'squiz'!

  2. I meant it's wholesome enough for all ages. I loved it then and still love reruns

  3. I used to watch General Hospital with my mom. I don’t watch it anymore though.

  4. Cassandra, that is HILARIOUS! You and I must be close in age- I watched all of those terrible shows too when I had nothing better to do! :) This cracked me up!