Monday, September 26, 2011

Thrift Share Monday's - September 26

Eeek!!!  I had some good finds this weekend.  Items I haven't yet purchased on my thrifting ventures; a painting and a lamp.

With these being larger items the only reason why I would purchase them is if I really liked them for myself, because selling them online might be more of a pain then worth, but if and when I find what these items are worth well talks.

Usually at sales the painting I see are floral, or cottages in fields, and of course water landscapes.  However, this looked a bit more up my alley.  It's darkish, maybe goth-ish, whatever it is....I love it, and for $3 AWE-SOME!  The artist signed it Alcott.  Does anyone know anything about this artist?  I've looked but don't think it is John Alcott or Louisa May Alcott.

It seems so solemn.  

At a separate sale I see this fabulous 1972 vintage lamp.  It's large and not priced.  For me it's a bit annoying at times when items are not's a hassle to ask "What's the cost of this?" over and over again.  I looked at the lamped, picked it up and put it on a table to look at it some more, walked away...came back and ugh the agony,  had to ask how much.  The two hostesses look at each other, shrug their shoulder think about it and say $5.  They didn't need to say that price twice.  It does need to be rewired, but who cares I'm sure I could figure that out.  Oh and the great part is that the bottom green glass also has it's own light.  SCORE!

It's still dusty.
A little owl candle holder.
Some Hazel Atlas mason jars with lids and an Anchor Hocking oil cruet. 

Vintage Aris gloves.  When my daughter saw me put them on she said, "what are those for?  To get the dirty deeds done."  What first came to my mind was Dexter or some other twisted show like that, that I know my daughter doesn't see... that much (eh hem she might walk in when I'm watching CSI or some Investigation Discovery show).  But when I asked what she meant she referenced the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit.  The judge put on long black gloves when he executed "dipped" cartoons.  LOL that was even more funny.  Still so innocent.

I'm extremely happy with my scores this weekend.  :-D

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  1. Haha, Who Framed Roger Rabbit - that's a blast from the past! Love Dexter.

    You found some great stuff again, that painting is really intriguing, there's definitely something about it...