Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ahead of the game...at least for now.

Yay!! I'm sooo proud of myself.

It's silly, but I'm soo happy that I got a stocking completed already, and it's not even December.

This will look sooo cute next to my little black Christmas tree, once it's decorated.  Well I hope it will look cute.

Now, what I need to do next is stop procrastinating, and get my Christmas decorations out.  You know time starts to fly.  I want it to be worth the work and have my decorations up for the whole month and not just a week or two. 

Is anyone done with Christmas decorating yet?  I know here in the U.S. some get decorations up Thanksgiving weekend.  When is the start time for others to get decorations up, for you non-U.S readers?

Oh, and yes my stocking is up against two stacks of my vintage sheets.  :-)

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