Saturday, November 12, 2011

A new to me online fabric store & a last minute Bridal Shower gift

While roaming blogland about two weeks ago I bumped into a online fabric shop.  I "liked" them on Facebook, and even subscribed to their email list.  Then the following week I get a sale email from them.  I browse around, then notice they are local.  What???  Awesome!

I love supporting local businesses, so I start seriously browsing their selection of fabrics.  I pause for a moment to check out their shipping cost, because I can't stand paying shipping, and find that they only charge $2.99 for all orders.  Wow!!!  That sold me.  Seriously, and with their 25% off sale they had going on that practically paid for shipping.

I narrowed my fabric choices down to two, and OMG!!! they are even more gorgeous in person.

So who is this new-to-me online fabric store?  Form and Fabric

You know the best part about buying local?  I ordered Tuesday and I received my order the next day, Wednesday.  AWE-some!!!

Aren't these fabrics soooo yummy?  I love the dandelions.

They even sent some swatches to a couple of fabrics that had the same color scheme.  How nice is that?

These fabrics looked so yummy online I just had to buy them...without a project in mind.  However, last Sunday morning while getting some bridal shower gifts out for my sister to wrap I realized I wanted to add something else.  I wanted something to put the gift certificates in....then looked at one of the candles and it clicked (little cartoon light turned on over my head).  There is a dandelion on the candle just like the dandelions on the fabric.  I knew what I needed to make, and it was a mad rush to get this clutch whipped up for the shower that afternoon.  Super mad rush.

with gift certificates inside
OMG!!! I couldn't be happier with the way it came out.  I absolutely love this clutch in this fabric.  I've done one like this before, but it was the smaller version using vintage sheets.  This is the first time I've done the larger clutch and I love it.

Oh what even helped more was a few weeks back I purchased a solids scrap bundle over at Pink Chalk Fabrics, and I wouldn't have been able to get this clutch done on such a short whim if I hadn't bought this bundle.  There were several colors that matched this fabric, such luck....

 ....and this is why we hoard stash.  :-)


  1. Great gift, that clutch is beautiful. I love the fabrics.

  2. Good job!! I love giving a handmade gift that makes them say OMG you are SOOO clever! At which point u say aloud no really it's nothing but inside you're doin a happy dance goin oh yeah oh yeah im awesome and double time project as well, super awesome LOL.

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